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High-Quality Transcription Services in Minnesota

Our transcriptionists work hard for the people of Minnesota.

Minnesota is the northernmost state in the contiguous United States, known for both its breathtakingly beautiful islands and forests and its bitter, frigid cold. But despite the harsh winter weather, millions of people have made Minnesota their home, and they work hard to achieve success in business, academia, entertainment, and other fields in the North Star State. Between Itasca State Park, Gooseberry Falls State Park, and Voyageurs National Park, Minnesota is a remarkably beautiful state, and its inhabitants push it to excel in various other fields, as well. That’s why we here at are so proud to offer our services to Minnesotans of all backgrounds and languages.

How do you feel about speech recognition technology? We feel it’s an incredibly useful tool for professional transcriptionists—it lets us instantly create a rudimentary transcript, and editing and polishing it from there is much quicker and easier than creating it from scratch. You can choose between our hybrid model and 100% human-generated model for your audio file, video footage, or handwritten documents.


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We work with clients from all corners of Minnesota.

The majority of Minnesotans live in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, or the surrounding areas of these major cities, and of course, our team proudly provides transcription services to the residents of these Minnesotan cities. But our services go far beyond the Minneapolis area—we’ll also help you if you’re in Rochester, Bloomington, Duluth, Brooklyn Park, Plymouth, or anywhere else across Minnesota.

  • Among Minnesota’s population are countless students, researchers, and professors who proudly associate with Minnesota’s various universities, such as the University of Minnesota, the University of St. Thomas, Minnesota State University at Mankato, and Minnesota State University at Moorhead. They pursue lots of different disciplines, but our diverse and multifaceted academic transcriptionists are available to help Minnesotan scholars regardless of their field.

  • Are you producing creative content for Minnesotans and people outside of the Land of 10,000 Lakes? Whether you’re working on a full-length movie, documentary, or TV series, or a smaller-scale online video or podcast, our team is here to support you. Our transcripts, complete with free speaker identification tags and timestamps, can help you optimize your work for SEO, and our subtitling and closed captions services can help you market your productions to new audiences.

  • Despite Minnesota’s frigidly cold winters, the state’s prominence and wealth have made it a magnet for immigrants looking for a better life. As a result, you’ll commonly hear languages like Spanish, Somali, Hmong, Mandarin, Vietnamese, German, French, Arabic, and more on the streets of Minnesotan cities, particularly Minneapolis and St. Paul. Our transcriptionist team is also multilingual, which is how we’re able to transcribe materials in all these languages and hundreds more. And if you want your material translated into English, we can do that, too!

  • With Rochester, Minnesota, standing as the birthplace of the renowned Mayo Clinic, it’s no wonder that Minnesota’s healthcare sector is booming with talented doctors, nurses, and other medical service providers. However, the medical subfields they’re active in—whether radiology, immunology, neurology, or something else—are woefully incomprehensible to laypeople, meaning only medical experts are qualified to transcribe medical materials. To make sure Minnesotan healthcare workers can access the high-quality transcription services they need, we’ve partnered with a top medical transcription company—why not reach out for a referral?

  • Do you work in the legal field in Minnesota? Whether you’re active in immigration law, corporate law, criminal law, or another niche, the esoteric vocabulary you encounter every day is but gibberish to most people. Few people have the legal know-how to accurately transcribe legal audio and video clips, but the experts at our partner legal transcription firm fall into this limited category. If you’re looking for reliable, highly confidential legal transcription services, reach out for an introduction!

  • We’re proud to work for all Minnesotans—no matter where in the state they’re from or what kind of material they want to have transcribed. We’re open to just about any audio clips, video files, and handwritten notes—so come to us for your transcription needs!


Our team is waiting to work on your materials—send them our way with your first order!


Our transcription team compiles the best transcriptionists from around the world.

When you order transcripts from us, you know you’re working with the best. That’s because our transcriptionists hail from all over this vast world—yes, from right around the corner in Minnesota but also all the way on the other side of the world, representing faraway English variants like Australian or New Zealand English or distant foreign languages like Japanese or Indonesian. And transcription isn’t the only thing our team members are good at—with knowledge in myriad subjects, our transcriptionists can easily handle technical subject matter.

Are you one of the 5.7 million people who live and work in beautiful Minnesota? If you are, we’re here to support you whenever you need high-quality transcripts, regardless of the field or even the language. We can transcribe technical materials for niche academic disciplines or industry sectors, and we can add all sorts of extra features to our transcripts for innovative content creators. No matter what, we use a simple and transparent pricing scheme that protects you from unpleasant surprises.

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Take us for a free test drive!

You probably wouldn’t buy a new car without taking it for a test drive, so why should ordering transcription services be any different? Send us the file you want transcribed (an audio or video clip or a handwritten document), and we’ll have our team generate a brief sample to show you our skills. What happens after that is up to you—but we’re confident you’ll like our work.


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