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Audio and Video Transcription Services in Minneapolis


Discover the best in online transcription services.

If you’ve been looking for quality online transcription services, look no further. stands out as the leading online English and foreign language transcription service. Across Minneapolis, from Minnehaha Park to the Mall of America, we provide quality transcription services to students, businesses, and professionals.

One big reason we can create high-quality transcripts of audio, video, and handwritten content is our transcriptionists. They’re real people who have the experience and wisdom to produce great work. Speech-to-text software is not a good solution if you’re seeking quality, but it certainly is if you want speed—so, a great solution is to generate an initial draft with a speech recognition program and then have our experienced human transcriptionists carefully analyze it for mistakes. Our team will create a high-quality transcript of your interviews, dictated notes, conference recordings, or any audio or video.

Get the best in transcription.

Our audio and video transcription services fit any need.

We deliver the best options in audio and video transcription for a variety of needs in Minneapolis and across the country. If you’re in academia, business, law, healthcare, or creative services, we can produce top-notch transcripts from your audio, video, or written content.

  • Students and faculty, are you in need of transcription for your recorded class lectures, conferences, or academic discussions? We can help, whether you’re at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis Community and Technical College, or any of the great learning institutions in the Mill City. And we’ll match you with a transcriptionist familiar with your area of study.

  • Do you need transcription for audio or video in the medical field? We’ve formed a partnership with an expert medical transcription firm that has worked with healthcare providers across Minneapolis, up and down the mighty Mississippi. Whether your specialty is surgery, internal medicine, or any other area, we can make sure it gets to the transcriptionist best suited to your needs.

  • Do you need legal transcription? To best serve Minneapolis law professionals, we’ve teamed up with a certified legal transcription firm whose experienced transcriptionists are trained in legal terminology.

  • Do you simply need your dictated or handwritten notes transcribed into a draft? No matter what form it comes in, or what language, we can transcribe your material and help you make progress on your creative or professional projects.

Send us your files, and we’ll do the rest. Order your first transcript now.

Yes, we’re that good.

Because our transcriptionists have superb skills and a broad range of knowledge, we’ll make sure your content is matched with a transcriptionist who has experience in your industry or field of study. In other words, we care about doing the best job possible for you.

For the more than 400,000 people in Minneapolis, we’re the standard bearer for audio and video transcription services. This City of Lakes has content creators, business professionals, and others whose workload we can lighten with our transcription services. Additionally, we don’t pile on extra charges if your content is particularly complex. So do what you do best, and we’ll handle the nitty-gritty details of creating a professional transcript.

Let’s get started. Order transcription today.

We understand if you still need convincing.

In this explosion of online service providers, it’s not easy to wade through a bunch of companies. Because we’re so confident in our quality and commitment, we offer a free sample of our work.

Let us prove ourselves! Order a no-cost sample.

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