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Pashto Transcription Services

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Among the many Pashto transcription services available, finding one that provides high-quality transcripts with flexible turnaround times can be difficult. The team at can convert your Pashto audio and video to text with accuracy and speed. The end product is precisely transcribed, formatted text in Pashto, also called Pukhto, Pushtu, Pakhto, and Afghan.

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Expert Pashto Transcripts Produced to Your Specifications

You can hear Pashto spoken in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and all around the world, with an estimated 40 to 60 million people learning the language from birth. helps extend the value of your audio and video content by converting recordings to text in either Pashto or English. These text transcripts can be used in ethnographic studies, qualitative research, SEO projects, documentaries, and many other ways that broaden the reach of your content.

Our Pashto Transcription Accuracy Is Guaranteed by Our Human Experts

It's no secret that computer-generated transcripts lack the accuracy of those produced by highly skilled and experienced humans, but professionals can make use of this technology to facilitate their job and produce high-quality transcripts even more quickly. hires skilled human transcriptionists who understand Pashto idioms and colloquialisms as well as diverse accents, so they can both create Pashto transcripts from zero and scrutinize the output of speech recognition software to guarantee accuracy. Our team is fluent in dialects such as Wanetsi, Durrani, Central Ghilji, and others. You can be assured your project will be in the hands of someone who understands the appropriate dialect, which will lead to more accurate and professional transcripts.

Custom Orders and Flexible Production Schedules

Our staff of language specialists can handle any transcription job, such as transcribing Pashto recordings into the Arabic script or Roman letters. We can also take the additional step of transcribing your audio or video and then translating the text into English. works with even the most challenging recordings, such as ones with low-quality audio, multiple speakers, or technical terminology.

Trust our professionals to perform accurate, customized transcription in whatever time frame works best for you. You need only supply your audio or video files, and we’ll produce precise Pashto transcripts that meet your needs.

You can place an order no matter where you live—whether in San Diego, Phoenix, or Oklahoma City or in Kabul (Afghanistan), Karachi (Pakistan), or Peshawar (Pakistan). We’re ready to meet your transcription needs.

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