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The Best in Transcription Services in Saint Paul, Minnesota

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High-quality transcriptions always overseen by human transcription experts

​All across Saint Paul are people who require high-quality transcription services. Maybe you need transcription for recorded lectures at your university, for a focus group video to boost your company, or for the informative podcast you’ve been running. No matter why you need transcription, is here, ready to serve all Saint Paul residents. From the heights of the beautiful Cathedral of Saint Paul to the depths of Minnehaha Falls, our team is ready to transcribe your audio, video, and even handwritten content.

​What sets us apart from other transcription services in Saint Paul or Minnesota? As more and more competitors are falling victim to the temptation to scrap their human transcriptionist teams in favor of inaccurate speech-to-text software, we still rely on our human experts. We recognize the value speech recognition software provides in terms of speed, but we only use it if our human transcriptionists can go through the results afterward and alter all the inaccuracies. The other way we stand out is by offering expert transcription in many foreign languages, ensuring we can serve as many Saint Paul residents as possible.

​Why don’t you order a transcript today?

Our clients come from all over Saint Paul and from various industries.

​No two transcript orders are the same. Each one demands the specialized knowledge and finesse of an expert transcriptionist, and we have specialized professionals on our team to handle all situations. This makes us the number one solution for transcription across Minnesota and even the US.

  • Whether it’s for recorded class lectures, conferences, or handwritten dissertation notes, there are a lot of reasons an academic may require professional transcription services. At, this is one of our specialties—top academic transcription services for scholars at Concordia University at Saint Paul, Macalester College, and Hamline University. Don’t worry about complicated topics—we’ll assign your order to a transcriptionist who knows your field.

  • Looking for transcription for YouTube videos or podcasts? Then you’re in the right place. We help creatives in Saint Paul shine in their industries by offering services like video captions. Many of our transcripts also come with free speaker identification and timestamps as an added bonus for you.

  • Do you want transcription for an audio or video file in Tagalog, Chinese, or Slovenian? Then you’re in luck, because we offer transcription in all these languages and hundreds more. We’re proud of our foreign-language transcription services, which even extend to the creation of video subtitles. This way, we can serve just about everyone in Saint Paul.

  • If you’re seeking highly precise medical transcription services in oncology, psychiatry, urology, or another medical specialty, we can help. Thanks to our partnership with a superb medical transcription group, we can connect you with the top medical transcriptionists in the field. They love working with healthcare professionals from Saint Paul, from Downtown Saint Paul to Macalester–Groveland.

  • Whether you need transcripts for your work in real estate law or civil rights law, you know you need quality. Legal transcripts are difficult for most transcriptionists because they lack the necessary legal knowledge—but the transcriptionists at our legal transcription partner agency are the cream of the crop. Plus, confidentiality is one of their highest values.

  • We’re here to transcribe any other audio file, video clip, or handwritten material that Saint Paul residents might have.

Place an order for transcripts now—our transcriptionists are waiting!

Specialized and flexible, our team drives our success.

We’re proud of our transcription team. Not only are our transcriptionists at the top of the industry, but they also specialize in a wide range of transcription subfields. And that’s not all—they hail from various disciplines, giving them the expertise they need to tackle esoteric terminology. When you throw in translators and proofreaders, you end up with a truly well-rounded and professional team.

​With more than 306,000 people in Saint Paul who may need transcription services to support their academic research, entrepreneurial activities, creative endeavors, and more, we at offer our top-level services. Your clips don’t even have to be in English, since we transcribe and translate numerous other languages. And then there’s our pricing model, which stays consistent even when your audio is complicated or low quality.

​Enjoy the benefits of transcript—order a transcript today.

A free sample is the ultimate test.

You don’t have to believe us. Just give us a chance to prove ourselves in a free sample! If we live up to your expectations, you can continue with a paid order with confidence.

​Request your no-cost, no-obligation sample today.

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