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Our Transcription Services: Available in Michigan

We’re your ticket to great transcripts in Michigan.

Situated in the heart of the Great Lakes, Michigan is a prominent Midwestern state with a large population and vast reserves of breathtaking nature. This is evident in the state’s many attractions, such as Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Arch Rock, or Tahquamenon Falls State Park. But Michigan offers more than beautiful sights—its people are ambitious and hardworking, always striving for excellence in academia, business, the arts, and beyond. We at are big fans of the Great Lake State, so we’re proud to provide Michiganders with high-quality transcription services, across a variety of dialects, languages, and fields.

As technology rapidly changes our lives, the transcription industry is also experiencing digital disruption. Speech-to-text software can’t provide the same level of accuracy as human transcriptionists, but its forte is generating transcripts in a matter of seconds. So, combining the strengths of human experts and technology by using programs to create a base transcript and then having our human transcriptionists carefully edit the results for accuracy makes for quicker and cheaper transcripts. Of course, though, if you’d rather that our human experts create your transcript entirely from scratch, we can arrange that, too!


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Transcribing our way all across Michigan

Whether you’re based in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Ann Arbor, South Bend, Flint, or anywhere in Michigan, we serve cities all across both the Upper and Lower Peninsulas of Michigan. We cater our services to meet the unique needs of Michigan’s many different people, regardless of their backgrounds or goals.

  • If you’re a professor, student, or researcher in Michigan, you may be affiliated with the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Michigan Technological University, Central Michigan University, or another prestigious school in the Great Lake State. Whether your field of expertise is biology, sociology, or literature, our passionate academic transcriptionists are eager to help you transcribe your conference clips, interview recordings, or lecture notes into professionally formatted transcripts—no matter how much esoteric language is packed into them.

  • Michigan isn’t just intellectual—it’s also creative. Michiganders from all over create innovative movies, online videos, documentaries, podcasts, and more, and they rely on high-quality transcripts to produce and spread their works. Our transcriptionists can throw in speaker identification and timestamps free of charge, and if you’re looking for closed captions or subtitles in any of hundreds of languages, we’re happy to provide those services, as well.

  • Michigan’s natural beauty and relative prominence within the United States have attracted an abundance of immigrants to the state, which has turned Michigan into a multilingual mosaic. Perhaps your native language isn’t English but rather Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, German, Somali, Bengali, French, Hindi, or something else. Well, if you’re looking for transcription services in any of these languages (and many more), we can help! And we can even translate your foreign-language materials into English, if you prefer that over a transcript in the source language.

  • It’s thanks to Michigan’s many hardworking doctors, nurses, and other medical workers that everyone in the state can live safely and happily. Healthcare providers in Michigan rely on specialized medical transcription services to continue offering great care, but finding reliable transcription experts who understand the intricacies of fields like internal medicine, urology, or psychiatry can be tough. But not anymore—now all you have to do is contact us, and we’ll introduce you to the professionals at the leading medical transcription agency we’ve partnered with.

  • Family law, copyright law, criminal law, corporate law, immigration law, and other legal subfields in Michigan (and everywhere else) are complicated. That’s why it takes a transcription expert specially trained in the law to accurately transcribe legal materials—and Michigan lawyers know that. But we’ve done the search for you and partnered with the top legal transcription services provider in Michigan. Our partner’s team members provide carefully tailored, confidential transcripts for a variety of legal niches—so just reach out for a referral!

  • It doesn’t matter how big or small your project is, what the dialect or language of your recording (or handwritten document) is, or where you are in Michigan. All that matters is that you’re looking for great transcription services, which is what we provide.


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Our transcription team contains a world of talent.

We’re proud to hire skilled transcriptionists from every corner of Michigan, but our team stretches far beyond the Great Lake State. We have transcriptionists from all 50 states and other countries all around the world, which is why we’re so confident that our team represents some of the top transcription talent in the world. Our diverse team is what allows us to cater to all the unique needs of Michiganders, working with all sorts of dialects, languages, and subject matters.

Michigan is home to more than 10 million people, so it’s no small state. Indeed, the need for high-quality transcription services in Michigan is great, but we’re proud to step in and offer transcription help to all Michiganders who need it. It doesn’t matter whether you work in academia, business, entertainment, medicine, the law, or another field—our flexible transcription services, offered with a simple and transparent pricing model, are sure to fit your project.

The sooner you order transcription services, the sooner you can reap the benefits—so order now!


A free, no-obligation dip before you dive in

If you’re feeling at all hesitant, allow us to put your worries to rest with a no-obligation free sample. We’ll work with the material you provide, whether it’s an audio file, video clip, or handwritten note, and if you like the sample, you can confidently proceed with a paid order.


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