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Transcription Services Available in New Jersey

Our team tirelessly works to provide transcription services to New Jerseyans.

In terms of area, New Jersey isn’t that big—it’s one of the smallest states in the US. But it makes up for its small geographical size with its large population, rendering New Jersey the most densely populated state in the country. Packed into the New Jersey population are countless scholars, business leaders, content producers, medical professionals, and legal practitioners who need transcription services to get ahead, and we here at are here to provide them. As we work on your transcript, you can relax and enjoy Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park, Atlantic City Boardwalk, Liberty State Park, or one of the other wonders of New Jersey.

When it comes to speech recognition software, many people have reservations. Indeed, the technology tends to make errors that human transcriptionists would never make, but that doesn’t mean such programs are entirely useless. In fact, it’s wonderfully helpful to human transcriptionists, thanks to its incredible speed, and if our transcriptionists carefully edit the output, the result is just as high-quality as ever. We can also make your transcription entirely from scratch, though, if you prefer that.


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Working hard to create transcripts for everyone in New Jersey

New Jersey has a large population spread out across many cities, but our team is ready to serve residents from all over the Garden State. Naturally, this includes the inhabitants of Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, Elizabeth, Lakewood Township, Edison, and Woodbridge Township, but we also cater to the people of smaller communities in New Jersey—regardless of their background or field.

  • New Jersey is a leader in higher education, with such notable institutes as Princeton University, Rutgers University, New Jersey City University, Montclair State University, and more dotting the oceanside state’s landscape. The hardworking scholars and researchers at these schools delve into everything from statistics and economics to philosophy and political science, and our academic transcriptionists are here to help all of them transcribe their audio or video clips and handwritten notes—in any discipline!

  • New Jersey and its diverse population have a lot of exciting stories to tell, and tell them they do, in the form of feature-length films, TV series, documentaries, online videos, or podcasts. Whatever form your creative work takes, our transcription team is here to assist you, producing transcripts with speaker identification tags, timestamps, and other free extras—or providing subtitles or closed captions for your video content.

  • As one of the wealthiest states in the US, New Jersey is a hotspot for immigrants looking for a great new home. As such, New Jerseyans may speak Spanish, Mandarin, Portuguese, Gujarati, Hindi, Tagalog, Korean, Arabic, or any number of other languages as their native tongue. We also have many transcriptionists who speak these languages natively—and we can provide tailored transcription services in these languages, too. In fact, we can even translate your foreign-language transcript into English, if you want.

  • Medical transcription is perhaps one of the trickiest transcription specializations, as the nature of the field demands the utmost precision, but most medical niches, including internal medicine, pathology, and ophthalmology, are just too complicated for ordinary people to comprehend. But the specialists at our partner medical transcription company know all these fields and more, making them a great choice for New Jersey healthcare workers. We’d love to introduce you!

  • Legal transcription is equally as complex as medical transcription and demands just as much precision and confidentiality, so New Jersey lawyers often have difficulties finding reliable legal transcription services. If you’re looking for trustworthy legal transcriptionists for immigration law, family law, corporate law, or other legal niches, turn to us—we’ll introduce you to the experts at our legal transcription partner firm.

  • Whether you fall into one of the above categories or not, if you live in New Jersey and are looking for great transcription services, we want to help you. For any audio recording, video footage, or handwritten document, get in touch!


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We bring a world of transcription talent right to your door in New Jersey.

We want you to enjoy the best transcription services the world has to offer—so we set out to build the best transcription team we possibly could, consisting of highly trained transcription experts from not only New Jersey but also locations all around the world. The sheer size and diversity of our team is how we’re able to cater to so many different English dialects, foreign languages, and various niches, with technical subject matter experts from a range of fields populating our team.

New Jersey’s 9.2 million residents deserve transcription services that cater to their individual needs, provided by passionate and experienced transcriptionists specialized in their specific niche. That’s what we aim to provide, whether you work in academia, business, the arts, medicine, or law.  And since our pricing model is so simple and transparent, it’s easy to know exactly what you’re paying for.

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A quick taste of our transcription skills for free

Not quite ready to make the commitment to a full, paid transcription order? That’s okay—you can try us out for free. Our transcriptionists can provide a free sample of the material you wish to have transcribed (whether it’s an audio clip, video file, or handwritten document), and you can judge whether to go further.


Why not request your free, no-obligation transcription sample today?

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