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Gujarati Transcription Services


If you’re seeking transcription services for your audio or video recordings in Gujarati, look no further than our team of transcriptionists and translators. We take your audio or video and produce precise, high-quality text with professional formatting in either Gujarati or English.

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Get Expert Transcription in Gujarati

Gujarati is spoken far beyond India’s borders, with more than 45 million native speakers and an additional 47 million speakers in both large and small communities worldwide. increases the exposure of your Gujarati video and audio files by converting them to text (Gujarati or English) with remarkable precision. Our transcripts are beneficial in so many ways: for qualitative and ethnographic research, SEO improvements, broader accessibility, documentaries, and more.

A Blend of Human Expertise and Machine Speed Produces the Best Transcripts

You can find other services that transcribe Gujarati video and audio, but they might solely rely on automated speech recognition software, which simply isn't accurate enough, rather than highly skilled and well-trained professionals. What makes us different is that we use both, creating machine-generated transcripts as a base that our professional human transcriptionists then pore over to ensure accuracy. Whereas software often produces inaccurate transcripts, hires human transcriptionists who specialize in Gujarati and its idioms, colloquial phrases, and accents. They also understand a variety of dialects, such as Standard Gujarati, Gamadia Gujarati, Parsi Gujarati, and more. Whatever you need, we will assign a team member fluent in your dialect of choice to ensure your transcript reads clearly.

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Customize Your Transcription Service

The team at works on behalf of professionals, academics, businesspeople, and others in many different fields who need audio and video transcribed into Gujarati script or the Roman alphabet. We are also exceptional at translating Gujarati transcripts into English. Even when the job is challenging, such as with low-quality audio, recordings with more than one speaker, and technical subject matter, we excel at the task.

You don’t have to be satisfied with amateurish translation or transcripts generated by speech-to-text software. We offer customized and confidential Gujarati transcription services, with turnaround times to meet any production schedule. Just send us your audio or video and your specifications and we’ll return transcripts of the highest quality.

No matter where you live, from Albuquerque, Columbus, or Sacramento to Surat, Ahmedabad, or Vadodara, we can transcribe whatever you need. Let us help.

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