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High-Quality Transcription Services Available in Iowa

Let us set you up with the best transcription services in Iowa.

Iowa may not be the biggest state in the US, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have tons to offer. Some visitors flock to the Midwestern state to experience Adventureland Park or the Des Moines Downtown Farmers’ Market, with others preferring to soak in the views at Pikes Peak State Park or Maquoketa Caves State Park. But it’s Iowa’s people who truly make the state what it is. Iowans from all over the state strive for success in academia, business, creative production, and beyond, using high-quality transcripts to advance in their endeavors. And that’s where comes in—we’re here to provide Iowans with the transcripts they need to get ahead. Since we work with all sorts of dialects, languages, and disciplines, it’s easy to access the specific transcription niche you need.

We understand that many people are turned off by the emerging technology in fields like translation or transcription, and indeed, speech-to-text programs produce transcripts rife with errors. However, their output works as a great base that human transcriptionists can then work from to create a professional transcript more easily. If you prefer this cheaper and quicker hybrid model, we can provide that—or we can have our human transcriptionists generate your transcript entirely from scratch.


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We’re dedicated to serving you, the people of Iowa.

It doesn’t matter who you are in Iowa—whether you’re an academic, a businessperson, a filmmaker, a healthcare worker, a legal professional, or someone else. It doesn’t matter what Iowan city you call home—Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Sioux City, Iowa City, or somewhere else. We’re dedicated to serving all Iowans.

  • Iowa boasts an abundance of fine post-secondary educational institutes all over the state—some examples include the University of Iowa, Iowa State University, the University of Northern Iowa, or Drake University. Our academic transcriptionists proudly support the students, professors, and researchers at these colleges as they explore new ground in various fields, with our team members offering high-quality transcripts in disciplines from chemistry to theology for your conference clips, interview videos, or lecture notes.

  • Anyone in Iowa who’s creating interesting and innovative content knows the importance of transcripts in supporting their work—whether it’s for SEO purposes or in the form of subtitles or closed captions to open up their content to new audiences. Our transcriptionists are eager to help Iowan creatives with their varied projects, adding speaker identification or timestamps to our transcripts for free.

  • Iowa may not be the top destination for immigrants to the United States, but huge numbers of immigrants from around the world have nonetheless chosen to settle in the proud state of Iowa. This has made Iowa a beautifully multilingual state, with languages such as Spanish, Mandarin, German, Arabic, Vietnamese, French, Serbian, Croatian, Thai, and more heard throughout the state. Did you know our transcription team works with all these languages and many more? And we can even translate your foreign-language materials into English, if you want—just reach out!

  • Iowa’s healthcare workers understand the importance of precision in medical transcription—even a tiny mistake can have dire consequences in the medical sector. That’s why medical transcriptionists have to be specialized in particular medical niches, such as surgery, immunology, or neurology. We’ve struck up a partnership with a top provider of medical transcription services, so we can ensure easy access to reliable medical transcription services for healthcare workers across Iowa.

  • If you’re a layperson, chances are you can’t understand the complex and esoteric language employed in legal subfields like criminal law, corporate law, or family law. It’s the same with transcriptionists—they require specialized legal expertise to tackle these highly technical niches. Our partner legal transcription company has hired some of the best legal transcriptionists in the industry, so if you practice the law in Iowa and would like an introduction to our partner firm, just let us know!

  • Don’t think you need to fit into one of these categories to take advantage of our transcription services. We’re open to any transcription project from any Iowan, so just send your audio file, video footage, or handwritten papers our way!


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Our transcriptionists: the best from around the world

We’re bringing you not only the top transcriptionists from every corner of Iowa but also the top transcription talent from across the entire world. Indeed, that’s how we’re able to provide such tailored services, catering to nearly any English variant, language, field, or specialty you can think of. We believe Iowans deserve the best transcription services possible, and we’re determined to provide them, leveraging the extensive experience of our team members.

We’re here to serve the 3.1 million or so Iowans who rely on our team to provide accurate, high-quality transcriptions in all sorts of specialties. Maybe they’re working on a ground-breaking research project at one of Iowa’s fine universities, or perhaps they’re launching a brand-new tech startup in the state, or they could be generating interesting and innovative content to entertain the people of Iowa and beyond. Whatever your project, we’re here to help, with a simple and transparent pricing model making our transcription services all the more accessible.

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We offer free samples—so come check them out!

If you send us the source material you want transcribed—an audio recording, a video clip, a handwritten document—we’ll draft a sample to show you what we can do. It’s entirely free, all it costs is a little bit of time, and you’re under no obligation to make a paid order, so what do you have to lose?


Put our team to the test—request a free sample today!

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