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Thai Transcription Services


We understand you want only the best transcriptionists working on your Thai audio or video. That’s why we at allow only the most skilled transcriptionists and translators onto our exclusive team. Our transcriptionists are passionate about converting speech into the written word, so if you want fast, accurate, and professional transcription for your audio or video in Thai, which some also call Central Thai or Siamese, just turn to us.

Ready to be blown away by our exceptional Thai transcription services? Order now.

Leave Thai Transcription to the Experts

It’s difficult to estimate precisely, but Thai boasts approximately 20,560,000 native speakers and a total of 60,560,000 speakers when second language learners are included. The primary country of Thai is Thailand, but Cambodia also has Thai-speaking areas, and many small Thai-speaking communities can be found worldwide.

The transcription experts at can help you disseminate your message to the Thai-speaking population by converting your audio or video into accurate and professionally formatted text in Thai or English. Clients use our transcripts to perform qualitative research, improve marketing efforts, make services accessible to a wider audience, and create informative educational content.

Trust Humans, Not Algorithms, to Deliver a High-Quality Thai Transcript

Various automated speech recognition programs exist on the market, and they may have their applications, but where they fall short is accuracy. We like to use this software together with our skilled team of human transcriptionists, automatically generating a foundation from which our experts can produce accurate transcripts more quickly. Truly, you can’t forgo the expertise of real human transcriptionists, and that's how we consistently guarantee quality in our transcripts. While other Thai transcription agencies may nevertheless use such software without the necessary aid of human experts, you’ll never receive a machine-generated transcript from that hasn't been meticulously revised by our human transcriptionists.

Thai sayings, colloquialisms, and accents? Don’t worry. Our Thai language experts can handle them with ease. And though Thai has numerous dialects, including Ayutthaya, Thonburi, Khorat Thai, and more, our transcriptionists can understand and transcribe them all. We even have experts in particular Thai dialects, so we can ensure the utmost quality and precision for all types of Thai audio and video.

Thai Transcripts Exactly How You Want Them

How would you like your Thai transcript? Here at, we’re dedicated to customizability, so we’d be happy to transcribe your Thai audio or video into either the Thai script or the Latin alphabet. In fact, we can translate your transcript into English, as well. We’ve satisfied clients working in academia, business, and many other sectors, so our team is capable of transcribing technical terminology and working with low-quality audio that contains background noise, multiple speakers, or poor enunciation.

If you order Thai transcription services through, you get highly professional transcripts created by the industry’s best. Customizability, confidentiality, precision, and speed are all part of the package we offer. Choose from our many turnaround options to ensure your transcript is always delivered on time for your schedule. The next step is simply to send us your Thai audio or video.

We’ve previously helped a researcher in Columbus with audio recorded in Bangkok, a CEO in Sacramento with a recording from Samut Prakan, and a documentary producer in Fresno with video originating in Nonthaburi. We can help anyone with their Thai transcription needs.

Order today.

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