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Bringing You the Best Transcription Services in Alabama

Our team is here for all Alabamans with transcription needs.

Are you a resident of Alabama wondering where you can go for high-quality reliable transcription services? Wonder no more, for you’ve found Our team of highly skilled, vastly experienced, passionate transcriptionists can work with materials in any English dialect and even other languages, regardless of the subject matter or type of project you’re working on. Yes, from Gulf State Park to the Huntsville Botanical Gardens and the McWane Science Center, Alabama has a lot to offer, and so do the people of this great state, who our transcriptionists are delighted to serve.

We give you the opportunity to decide how your transcript will be created. If you’re looking for the utmost quality and accuracy, we can develop your transcript from scratch with our specially trained human transcriptionists, but if you’re more concerned about budget and speed, our human-machine hybrid model may be the better option. Here, we have software create the base transcript, but don’t worry—our human transcriptions carefully go over it to ensure it’s accurate and high quality.

Once you’ve made your decision, place your transcription order anytime!


A transcription service all Alabamans can trust

Alabama is home to a wide selection of different people, from academics and researchers to entrepreneurs, content creators, doctors, lawyers, and more. Whether you live in Montgomery, Huntsville, Birmingham, Mobile, or somewhere else in Alabama, you can count on our expert transcriptionists for a high-quality transcript of your audio clip, video file, or handwritten notes.

  • We’re here to support the hardworking researchers, students, and professors at the University of Alabama, Alabama State University, the University of South Alabama, Alabama A&M University, and other great schools in the state with our pinpointed academic transcription services, tailored to the specifications of your project and discipline. Our academic transcriptionists hail from a range of different fields, meaning esoteric terminology isn’t a problem for us.

  • We’re eager to help creative content producers across the state of Alabama, whether they’re creating exciting movies and TV shows or informative documentaries. We’re also here for smaller-scale producers working independently on online videos or podcasts. Whatever your project, we can help by providing tailored transcripts, complete with speaker identification tags and timestamps, if desired. And if you want subtitles or closed captions for your movies or videos, we can happily provide those, too.

  • We’d love to help not only the native English speakers in Alabama, who constitute the vast majority of the state’s population, but also the many foreign-language speakers in the Yellowhammer State. Many Alabamans speak Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, German, Vietnamese, French (including Cajun), Arabic, and other languages, but our transcription team, which represents various languages, can work with materials in all these languages and many more. We can even translate your transcript from a foreign language into English, if you want.

  • If you’re a doctor, nurse, or other medical professional in Alabama, you work hard to keep Alabamans healthy. Whether you’re practicing in dermatology, pediatrics, internal medicine, or another niche, you know it’s rife with esoteric vocabulary that most people wouldn’t understand, so you know that when you need medical transcription services, you have to find experts who understand your medical specialty. Cue our medical transcription partner firm—we’d be happy to refer you to their highly specialized and experienced medical transcriptionists.

  • In a similar vein, Alabama’s many legal professionals toil away in incredibly complicated niches of the law, such as criminal law, copyright law, family law, and more—and finding a good legal transcriptionist to meet their needs can be a challenge. So, let us help you. We’ve partnered with a leading legal transcription company, and we can introduce you to their specialized legal transcriptionists who can provide crisp, clean transcripts with the utmost confidentiality.

  • Of course, there are far more Alabamans than this whom we’d like to help. No matter who you are, what language you speak, and what your transcription project is, if you’re in Alabama, reach out to us! We can transcribe just about any audio clips, video recordings, or handwritten documents.


Our team is waiting for your order—place it now!


We’ve gathered the world’s best transcriptionists onto our team.

When you place a transcription order with us, you’re tapping into the top transcription talent the world has to offer. That’s because we’ve sourced our passionate and experienced team members not only from all across Alabama but also from other states and even other countries all around the world. So, whether you’re looking for transcription of an audio clip in a heavy Alabama accent or a video recording in Australian English—or even in an entirely different language, like Japanese, Russian, or Hebrew—we can help. We also make sure to hire transcriptionists who are knowledgeable in different fields, which ensures we can handle a wide range of disciplines.

If you’re one of the 5 million people who lives in Alabama, our team is ready to serve your transcription needs. Whether you’re a researcher in need of highly technical academic transcription, a business leader looking for transcription of a conference call, a podcaster who wants a professionally formatted transcript for SEO purposes, or anyone else with transcription needs, simply reach out. Our simple and transparent pricing model makes it easy for anyone to access high-quality transcription.

We invite you to place your first transcription order today!


Free samples available to anyone interested

We’re so confident in the phenomenal abilities of our transcriptionists that we’re happy to offer free samples of our transcription services. So, send us the audio file, video clip, or handwritten note you’d like to have transcribed, and we’ll soon get back to you with a free sample. Our free samples are entirely obligation-free, so what do you have to lose?

Test us out with a free sample today.

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