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Transcription Services You Can Count On in Oregon

We provide Oregonians with high-quality and flexible transcription services.

Butting up against the expansive Pacific Ocean, Oregon is a breathtakingly beautiful state, with Crater Lake National Park, Silver Falls State Park, Smith Rock State Park, and more prominently displaying the natural wonders of the Beaver State. Of course, though, Oregon is more than its incredible landscapes—its several million inhabitants also make Oregon the prominent state it is today, with their contributions to academia, business, the arts, and beyond. Behind the scenes, many of these hardworking Oregonians rely on transcription services, and we here at are proud to support them, working with all sorts of languages and subject matters.

As impressive as speech-to-text algorithms are getting, they’re a long way from beating human transcriptionists when it comes to accuracy. But in terms of speed, no human can compete. So, why not team up? We like to use speech recognition software as a tool to produce a basic transcript, but then our human professionals carefully pore over it as they listen to the source material, correcting all errors. This is quicker and cheaper—but if you’d rather that we create your transcript from scratch, we’ll happily do that as well.


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We cater to the unique needs of Oregonians from all across the state.

Oregonians are scattered across their northwestern Pacific state. Portland boasts the biggest population, with the capital of Salem coming in second. Eugene, Gresham, and Hillsboro are also major settlements, but many Oregonians also live in smaller cities like Beaverton, Bend, Medford, Springfield, or Corvallis. But to our team, it doesn’t matter where in Oregon you are—we’re here to help all Oregonians, regardless of background or project.

  • Students from all across Oregon and the rest of the United States (and the world!) come to prestigious Oregon universities like the University of Oregon, Oregon State University, Southern Oregon University, the University of Portland, and Portland State University. Here, they toil away in various disciplines, and whenever they need transcription services, they can always turn to our team. That’s because we hire academic transcriptionists specialized in a variety of fields, allowing us to cater to the needs of Oregon academics.

  • Oregon, we want to hear your stories—whether you present them as online videos, documentaries, podcasts, full-length films, or TV shows. Our transcriptionists are here to help Oregon’s creatives by offering carefully tailored transcription services, with speaker identification tags and timestamps added for free. And, of course, we also offer subtitles and closed captions to help you bring your videos to new audiences.

  • Though English dominates everyday life in Oregon, it’s certainly not the only language that Oregonians speak. Many are native speakers of Spanish, but Mandarin, Russian, Vietnamese, and Korean are also languages you’ll commonly hear on the streets of Portland and elsewhere in Oregon. If you have audio or video files (or handwritten notes) in any of these languages (or others), let us help—our multilingual team covers transcription and translation services in hundreds of languages.

  • Are you active in the medical profession in Oregon? Perhaps you specialize in hematology, or internal medicine, or neurology—however you work to keep Oregonians healthy, you know that most people can’t understand the complex terminology of your niche, and that can be a problem when you’re looking for transcription services. But we have your back—we partnered with a top medical transcription company whose experts specialize in a wide range of healthcare niches, so just ask us if you’d like a referral.

  • The legal profession isn’t simple anywhere—and Oregon’s legal professionals know, whether they work in criminal law, family law, or immigration law, that the language they use every day is almost like a foreign language to laypeople. Legal transcriptionists therefore must be specially trained in specific legal niches—and fortunately for lawyers in Oregon, that’s the case with the professionals at our partner firm, a leading legal transcription services provider. Contact us, and we’ll set you up!

  • This certainly isn’t an exhaustive list—there are almost no limits to the types of transcription projects we can help Oregonians with. So, don’t hesitate to send your materials (audio clips, video footage, handwritten papers) to our team!


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We represent global leaders in transcription services.

We’re proud of our transcription team, which is made up of some of the world’s leading transcriptionists. Some of them hail from Oregon, but others come from countries tens of thousands of miles away. With the entire world to choose from, we’ve been able to build up an impressive collection of transcription talent, with services available for just about any English dialect and foreign language. We also cover just about any niche and specialization you can think of, thanks to the wide-ranging expertise of our team members.

If you’re part of Oregon’s population of 4.2 million, we invite you to take advantage of our transcription prowess—whether you’re a professor, student, researcher, entrepreneur, CEO, filmmaker, podcaster, medical professional, legal practitioner, or anyone else in the Beaver State. You can enjoy our flexible and high-quality transcription services based on a simple and transparent pricing model—we make transcription easier than ever.

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Give us a chance to show you our skills.

We’re offering you the chance to see our world-class transcriptionists in action—entirely for free! If you send us the file you want transcribed—whether it’s an audio or video clip or a handwritten document—we can transcribe part of it for free, and you can decide whether you’d like to pay us for a full transcription order.


Our free samples are available to everyone—just reach out and ask!

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