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Newark, New Jersey: Top Transcription Services

The residents know who to trust with their transcription projects: us.

Are you in Newark and looking for high-quality transcription services? If so, we have the solution for you. At, we’re passionate about producing reliable transcripts for hardworking and ambitious people in a wide range of sectors, spanning from academia, to business, to entertainment. And in Newark, New Jersey, there are a lot of people striving for greatness in these areas. Let us handle your transcription needs, so you can spend more time strolling through Branch Brook Park, soaking in the wonders at the Newark Museum of Art, or indulging in a shopping spree at American Dream.

We want to assure our Newark clients that our transcription services are diverse and wide-ranging, allowing you to access high-quality transcription for just about any type of project. Our expert transcriptionists are not only skilled in different transcription domains but are also capable of providing transcription services in various languages, catering to the foreign-language communities of the city. And we even offer machine transcription post-editing for anyone who would like to save some time and money. We aim for ultimate flexibility but never skimp on quality.

If you’d like to take advantage of our transcription services, you can place an order now.

Top transcription services for all of Newark

We’re passionate about providing top-notch transcription services to as many people in Newark as possible. That means that our services are available across all neighborhoods, so whether you’re in Weequahic, University Heights, Forest Hill, Ironbound, Roseville, or somewhere else, we’d love to help you. What kind of audio or video clips do we work with? All kinds—see below for a few examples.

  • If you’re pursuing higher education in Newark, you may be enrolled in Rutgers University Newark, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, or New Jersey Institute of Technology. Whether you’re at one of these schools or another, you can lean on our academic transcriptionists whenever you need transcription services. We work with all disciplines—just let us know if you need a transcriptionist with subject-matter expertise in your area!

  • We love fostering the abundant creativity in Newark by helping the city’s many creative minds produce transcripts for their movies, videos, podcasts, and more. Transcripts are one of the best ways to get more eyes on your creative work, whether it’s by boosting your SEO ranking or by upping the accessibility through subtitles or closed captions. Our transcriptionists will even add speaker identification tags and timestamps to your transcripts for free!

  • We want to make sure that the hardworking medical professionals of Newark have access to high-quality medical transcription services that aid their tireless efforts. Of course, it’s hard to find great medical transcriptionists because the complex nature of medical specialties like internal medicine, neurology, and dermatology renders them inaccessible to non-experts. But our medical transcription partner company has found reliable medical transcriptionists specialized in various medical subfields—and we’d be happy to offer you a referral.

  • Are you a lawyer or legal professional in Newark having trouble finding a reliable legal transcription company? Especially if you’re seeking transcription services in a particular niche, such as corporate law, bankruptcy law, or personal injury law, good legal transcription services can be hard to come by. But not if you work with our partner company. They’re leaders in the legal transcription industry, providing highly accurate transcripts in a variety of niches—and they’re eager to work with Newark lawyers.

  • Don’t worry if none of the above categories fit your situation. We’re committed to providing transcription services to everyone in Newark, no matter what their audio clip, video footage, or handwritten document entails—so feel free to reach out!

We’re ready for your order—place one anytime!

A top transcription team for the good people of Newark

Whether you’re an academic, businessperson, content creator, or anyone else in Newark, New Jersey, we want to provide you with the best transcription services we can. This goal is what led us to form our diverse, well-rounded team of transcriptionists from all over the world, who speak different languages and have gained experience in different types of transcription. Many of our team members also have expertise in additional fields, which means they can even help you transcribe technical projects.

Newark’s population of more than 311,000 people positions it as the most populous city in the state of New Jersey. So, naturally, there’s a high demand for transcription services in Newark, spanning across a variety of fields and industries. But that’s not a problem for our transcriptionists, who are eager to work with the residents of Newark. And since we offer steadfast quality, extensive customization, flexible turnarounds, and affordable rates, Newark residents are eager to work with us, too.

Get started with transcription today when you place an order with us!

Put our team to the test—for free.

If you’re feeling hesitant about placing a paid transcription order with a company you’ve never worked with before, we understand. That’s why we’d like to offer first-time clients in Newark free transcription samples. We work directly with the recording you send us, producing a short transcript of a portion of the material. Then it’s up to you to decide whether you want to work with us further.

You’re welcome to a free sample—so why not request one now?

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