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Find the Best Transcription Services in Indiana Here

Hoosiers from all over Indiana trust us for their transcription needs.

It doesn’t matter who you are in Indiana—we here at are determined to help you access the transcription services you need to thrive. We know how diverse the population of this Midwestern state is, filled with researchers, business leaders, content creators, and others from all different backgrounds and fields, but what they share is a need for great transcription services. So, from Indiana Dunes National Park to Turkey Run State Park and White River State Park, everyone in Indiana can enjoy our tailored transcription services, available in any number of languages for projects revolving around any type of subject matter.

Even as speech-to-text technology develops rapidly, it’ll be a long time before it can rival human transcriptionists in accuracy. But it already has humans beat in terms of speed. So, we offer a hybrid model where we use software to create a basic transcript that we then have our trained human transcriptionists carefully pore over and edit until it’s accurate and reflects our standards of quality. Of course, we can also create your transcript entirely from scratch, too, if you prefer.


Either way, get started now with a transcription order!


A multifaceted team to cater to every Hoosier

A lot of people live in Indiana—we know. Whether it’s Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Evansville, South Bend, Carmel, or anywhere else in the Hoosier State, there’s no shortage of ambitious and hardworking people who need transcription services specialized in academia, business, the arts, or other fields. Our multifaceted team makes it possible to access the precise type of transcription services you need.

  • We’re proud to work with the scholars at various Indiana universities, including Purdue University, Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana State University, Indiana Tech, and other prestigious schools in the state. We hire academic transcriptionists who specialize in a wide range of disciplines, which means the technical vocabulary in your audio recordings about economics or lecture notes about kinesiology pose no problem to us—so reach out, no matter your field!

  • We stand behind the innovative Hoosiers creating interesting new content—whether it’s feature-length movies and documentaries or independently produced online videos or podcasts. Creative projects are a lot of work, so let us help by creating professionally formatted transcripts with timestamps and speaker identification tags added for free. Or maybe you’re looking for subtitles or closed captions to widen your audience—we can make those, too.

  • Obviously, English is the dominant language in Indiana. But in fact, Hoosiers are a multilingual people, with immigrants to the state bringing their diverse languages with them—everything from Spanish, German, and French to Mandarin, Arabic, Hindi, and Yoruba. What if you have material in one of these languages that you’d like transcribed? Send it our way—we have transcriptionists who speak all these languages and hundreds more. Not only can we transcribe various languages, but we can even translate your transcript into English, if you want!

  • Do you work in healthcare in Indiana? If so, you know how difficult it is to find a reliable medical transcriptionist who specializes in niches like dermatology, urology, or hematology. Indeed, most of our transcriptionists don’t possess the medical know-how to handle these fields. So, we’ve partnered with a top provider of medical transcription services, whose team members boast expertise in nearly every medical subfield you can think of. We’d love to introduce you!

  • The law is complicated—if you’re a lawyer practicing in Indiana, you know that. You also know that tracking down a transcriptionist who you can trust to provide accurate transcription of material in immigration law, family law, copyright law, and other legal specializations is no easy task. But we’ve made it easy—with our partner legal transcription company, you can access high-quality, accurate transcripts in all sorts of legal niches, delivered with the utmost confidentiality.

  • All Hoosiers are welcome to take advantage of our wide-ranging transcription services, which we offer for both audio and video recordings and handwritten documents. So, if you need transcription services, let us help!


Take a moment now to place your first transcription order!


A great team of transcriptionists for a great state

Our team compiles the top transcription talent not only in Indiana but also from all over the world. Truly, our transcription team is a force to be reckoned with, representing nearly every variant of English you can think of, as well as hundreds of languages all around the globe. Not only that, but many of our transcriptionists are also experts in other fields, so they can provide accurate transcripts of dense, technical material. No matter your specialty, you can find the transcriptionist for you on our team.

In Indiana live more than 6.7 million people, which means there are tons of CEOs, academics, content creators, medical professionals, lawyers, and others looking for a transcription service they can rely on. They’ve found that in, as we proudly provide flexible and tailored transcripts in various languages and fields without ever compromising on quality. And we offer all this at affordable rates based on a transparent pricing model, so you always know what you’re getting.

Let our team work for you—order a transcript today!


Free samples available for anyone from Indiana!

If you’re still not sure whether we’re the right transcription team for your project, there’s a sure-fire way to find out—request a free sample! Send us the source material you want transcribed, and we’ll transcribe a portion to show you exactly what we can do. You’re under no obligation to go further, so what do you have to lose?


Contact us today to ask about a free transcription sample!

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