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Cree Transcription Services

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Today, Canada is known for its bilingualism, with both English and French recognized as the North American country’s official languages. But in fact, Canada is multilingual, with a plethora of indigenous languages spoken widely across the territory prior to the arrival of European colonists still being spoken today. The biggest indigenous language in Canada is Cree, a dialect continuum of closely related indigenous languages spoken across a large swath of Canadian land. At, we’re happy to offer Cree transcription services to anyone who needs them—regardless of the project.

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We Offer the Best in Cree Transcription Services

Boasting roughly 115,000 native speakers, Cree is the biggest indigenous language in Canada and the second biggest in Canada and the US combined, outpaced only by Navajo. Spoken natively by communities from Alberta to Labrador, Cree languages span a huge portion of Canada, and though they’re threatened by the ubiquity of English and French, they remain relatively strong. Cree is divided into numerous dialects, including Plains Cree, Woods Cree, Swampy Cree, Moose Cree, Atikamekw, Northern East Cree, Southern East Cree, Naskapi, and Montagnais (Innu).

Cree is the biggest language in the Algonquian subfamily of Amerindian languages, a huge language family spanning Canada and the northeastern United States. Algonquian languages are polysynthetic, notorious for their incredibly complex grammar, and Cree is no exception. Thanks to their many grammatical markers, Cree languages exhibit relatively free word order, allowing speakers to play with the nuances of their sentences. Cree languages also strictly distinguish between animate and inanimate nouns, treating them grammatically differently. The grammatical intricacies of Cree languages don’t pose an issue to our native-speaking Cree transcriptionists, so don’t worry—you’ll always get precision and quality, whether you want your transcript in Cree or translated into English.

Using Technology to Craft Better Cree Transcripts

​The rapid development of speech-to-text software over the past several years has been fascinating. As professional transcriptionists, we eagerly await the continued advancement of this technology, as it serves as a useful tool for our meticulous transcription work. If you’re looking for an accurate, high-quality transcript, however, speech-recognition software won’t cut it. But when you pair this technology with our highly trained human transcriptionists, you end up with high-quality Cree transcripts delivered faster than ever.

If you’d like to take advantage of our post-machine transcription editing model, we’ll have automated transcription software generate a base transcript from your Cree audio or video clip, and then our human Cree transcription experts will carefully read over it as they listen to your recording, making whatever edits are necessary for quality and precision. Regardless of the content of your recording, we’re dedicated to quality. Of course, though, if you prefer a fully human-generated transcript, we also offer that.

Freely Customize Your Cree Transcription Services to Fit Your Needs

Why are you looking for Cree transcription services? Perhaps you’re carrying out an academic study that involves interviewing Cree speakers in their native language, or maybe you’re working through a focus group catering to the Cree community. Maybe you’re working on a Cree-language creative project that you’d like a transcript for. Whatever your needs, we’re confident we can help because we hire a wide range of Cree transcriptionists who cover different Cree dialects and specialize in different areas of transcription.

If your Cree audio or video clip is full of background noise or has multiple speakers who sometimes overlap, it can be difficult to transcribe for amateur transcriptionists. The same applies if the speakers are speaking in a strong dialect, using a lot of colloquial terms, or talking about technical subject matter. But our Cree transcriptionists are experienced and passionate about transcribing their native language, so we promise to always deliver the best quality we can. It doesn’t matter where you’re from—we work with clients from Newfoundland, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Northwest Territories, and everywhere else in Canada and the world. So, if you’re looking for Cree transcription services, just reach out!

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