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Reliable Transcription Services in Waterloo, Ontario

Dive into the best transcription services Waterloo has to offer.

At, we’re proud to service the good people of Waterloo, Ontario, with our flexible and high-quality transcription services. Indeed, Waterloo features no shortage of people striving for greatness in every imaginable sector, from business, academia, and creative industries to medicine and law. Waterloo residents may require transcripts for any number of reasons, but no matter why you need to transcribe your audio recordings, video clips, or handwritten notes, we can help—whether your material is in English or any of hundreds of foreign languages! From the tranquil beauty of Waterloo Park to the bustling excitement of Conestoga Mall, Waterloo is diverse—just like its residents and our transcription services!

We’re proud to say we rely on expert human transcriptionists to deliver uncompromising quality in all our transcripts. That doesn’t mean we never use speech-to-text software—in fact, we think this fascinating technology is immensely helpful, as it allows us to quickly generate a base for our transcription work. This way, we can complete the job faster and at a lower cost. But if you want your transcript rendered entirely by humans, we can certainly do that, too.

See what we can do for you today when you order a transcript!

The transcription service for everyone in Waterloo

When we say our services are open to everyone in Waterloo, we mean it. No matter your background, language, field of expertise, project, or neighbourhood within Waterloo, our team of transcription experts are ready to help you. Quality is our sole mission.

  • Every year, tens of thousands of newcomers flock to Waterloo to pursue higher education at the city’s two renowned universities: the University of Waterloo and Wilfred Laurier University. Our academic transcriptionists are ready to help the thousands of students, professors, and researchers at these fine institutes advance in their scholarly endeavours through the creation of meticulous, professionally formatted transcripts—in any discipline. Since we hire transcriptionists who specialize in many different domains, we can cater to a wide range of academic niches.

  • From online sketches and podcasts to movies and documentaries, Waterloo creatives produce a treasure trove of valuable works, and transcripts are an important way to spread their work even further. If you need transcripts of your videos or podcasts for SEO purposes, complete with timestamps and speaker identification tags, we can provide that—and if you’re looking for subtitles or closed captions for your video content, we can create those, too!

  • English is, of course, the most common language in Waterloo—but a great many Waterluvians speak a foreign language as their primary tongue. The biggest foreign languages in the city are Mandarin, Punjabi, Arabic, Spanish, and German, and we’re proud to announce that we can serve the transcription needs of these populations just as well as we can serve Waterloo’s native English speakers. Indeed, with our multilingual transcription team, we can handle just about any language that you might require transcription services in—and we can even translate the content into English, if you like.

  • Illnesses and injuries are an unavoidable part of life, but the many doctors and nurses in Waterloo work hard to heal us and keep us healthy. We’d like to support them by offering reliable medical transcription services, but our transcriptionists generally aren’t specialized in niche medical fields like pediatrics, immunology, or psychiatry. So, we work with an impeccable medical transcription firm to serve the medical professionals of Waterloo—just reach out for a referral!

  • Do you practice law in Waterloo? Then you understand just how complex legal terminology is, whether you work with copyrights, immigration law, corporate law, or another subsection of the vast world of law. General transcriptionists just aren’t equipped to deal with legal language, but the expert legal transcriptionists at our partner company are—and we’d be thrilled to introduce any Waterluvian legal professionals looking for legal transcription services.

  • We can help anyone else in Waterloo (and beyond) as well. Even if you want a personal recording or handwritten message transcribed, we can help, so no matter what your project is, don’t hesitate to send it our way.

We’re your go-to transcription professionals in Waterloo—place an order today!

We take pride in the skills of our transcriptionists.

To make sure we can deliver unwavering quality to our many transcription clients in Waterloo, we put great effort into seeking out the top transcription talent in the world. So, our transcriptionists hail not just from Waterloo but also all over Ontario, other parts of Canada, and even other countries around the world. We can accommodate your transcription needs in nearly any dialect, accent, or language, and our team includes subject-matter experts in everything from computer science to theology. So, truly, whatever your transcription needs are, we’re confident we can help you.

More than 120,000 people call Waterloo home, and we’re excited to help each one of them with their transcription needs—whether they’re a professor, entrepreneur, filmmaker, podcaster, researcher, lawyer, healthcare professional, or anyone else. Our transcription services are reliable, flexible, and affordable, available on a transparent payment model, so there are never any unpleasant surprises.

Take the leap today and order professional transcription services!

Free samples available for our transcription services.

Not convinced yet? Let us show you what we’re made of. Send us your audio or video material, and we’ll produce a free sample of our transcription skills—it’s simple, quick, and a great way to gauge whether we’re the right service for your project.

Contact us today to ask about a no-obligation free transcription sample.

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