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Washington State’s Leading Transcription Services Team

Let our team help you in Washington with your transcription project.

Washington State is often confused with the U.S. capital, Washington D.C., but they’re on opposite ends of the country, with completely different identities. Washington State is a beautiful place, as evidenced by sights like Mount Rainier National Park or Olympic National Park, with cultural hotspots like the Space Needle and the Fremont Troll adding to the northwestern state’s charm. But what’s most important, of course, is the people of Washington. At, we’re proud to serve all the ambitious people of Washington, whether they work in academia, business, or entertainment.

What kinds of transcription services do we offer to our Washington clients? Effectively, whichever kinds of transcription services they want. We work with all sorts of transcription projects and subject matters, and our international team provides transcription in a huge selection of languages. We even work with robots—if you’d like to save time and money, we can offer machine transcription post-editing, where our human transcriptionists carefully rework the output from a speech-to-text program. Whatever you want, our transcription team is here to provide it.

If you’d like to experience great transcription services, reach out and place an order now!

If you’re in Washington, our transcription team caters to you.

For our transcription team, geography is no object—wherever you are in Washington, you can send us your audio or video files (or handwritten notes), and we’ll happily transcribe them. Seattle, Olympia, Spokane, Tacoma, Vancouver (not to be confused with the major Canadian city), Bellevue, Kent, Everett, and more—we’ve worked with clients in all these cities and are looking forward to serving you, too, with the following services and more:

  • We’re always impressed by the quality of work produced at Washington post-secondary institutes such as the University of Washington, Washington State University, Seattle University, and Western Washington University. Our academic transcriptionists are always eager to aid Washington scholars when they have audio or video clips of their interviews, lectures, panel discussions, and more. Don’t worry about technical language, since we have transcriptionists who are experts in a wide range of academic fields.

  • From movies and online videos to riveting podcasts, Washington creatives produce a wealth of high-quality content—and for many of them, transcription services are integral to their work. We happily work with innovative Washington creators to deliver transcripts complete with speaker identification tags and timestamps added for free or foreign-language subtitles that help cultivate new audiences.

  • Washington’s natural beauty, mild climate, and wealth are some of the factors in why so many immigrants have chosen to settle in the state. At, we care about catering to everyone in Washington, including minority language speakers. We’re happy to announce that we provide transcription services in Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Russian, Tagalog, Korean, German, and many, many more.

  • If you’re in Washington and you’re looking for medical transcription services, you may have difficulty tracking down the right professionals. It’s not surprising—healthcare specialties such as immunology, urology, and neurology are rife with complex vocabulary that renders them inaccessible to laypeople. But that’s where the medical transcription firm we’ve partnered with comes in, with their experienced transcriptionists who work in a range of medical specialties.

  • No matter what subfield of the law you practice in—be it copyright law, real estate law, family law, or something else—you know the jargon in your day-to-day work is too much for a general transcriptionist to handle. But Washington’s legal professionals still need great transcription services—and that’s where our partners can help. As a leading legal transcription services provider, our partner company hires expert transcriptionists in various legal subfields, making legal transcription services easily accessible.

· If your transcription needs extend beyond the services we’ve listed, that’s completely fine—this is only a sample of what we offer. Any audio clip, video footage, or handwritten document you might have is fair game—we welcome anything you may like to have transcribed!

Take a moment to place your first transcription order with us today!

With us, your transcription project is in good hands.

It matters to us that Washingtonians have access to transcription services they can rely on for their projects across various domains. So, we set out to find the best transcriptionists from around the world who have experience in different areas of transcription. And we found them. With vast experience and demonstrable skills that allowed them to pass our rigorous transcription assessments, our transcriptionists are the best of the best. And our team is big—enough so that we have transcriptionists in dozens of languages and across numerous fields of expertise.

The more than 7 million people who reside in Washington State know who to turn to when they need top-notch transcription services: We’re here for all the scholars, entrepreneurs, content creators, and others across Washington who need skilled professionals to transform their audio or video clips (or handwritten notes) into crisp, clean transcripts. We even offer flexible turnaround options and affordable rates—so we truly believe we’re the best transcription company for Washingtonians.

Why not start working with our team today? Take a moment to place an order now.

Take our transcription team for a free test drive.

Just as you would test-drive a car before buying it, it’s logical that you would want to test out a transcription service before entrusting your audio or video recording to the company. We understand your concerns, which is why we allow any first-time clients to request a free sample. We’ll directly transcribe a small portion of the recording you send us, allowing you to easily determine whether you love our work.

Requesting a free sample is easy—just send us a message!

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