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Transcription Services for Audio and Video in Vancouver

Get the transcription services you deserve in Vancouver

Finding the right transcription agency can be difficult. There are a lot out there, but not all have the right experience and expertise to deliver the accuracy you rely on to further your career or research in Vancouver. At, however, we have a large team of top transcriptionists, skilled in a variety of fields and disciplines, who are passionate about transforming audio clips, video footage, and even handwritten notes into professionally formatted transcripts. We transcribe not only English but also many other languages, so if you came to Vancouver from another country, we can still serve you in your native language.

From the seaside breeze at Stanley Park to the vibrant, artistic vibes of Granville Island, Vancouver is a great city full of great people. That’s why we’re so excited to help Vancouver business owners, academics, artists, doctors, lawyers, and others. All our transcription orders come with a guarantee of unwavering professionalism, with each one meticulously scrutinized by a professional human transcriptionist, even if we used speech-to-text software to help generate the base. You’ll always receive the professional touch of a human expert and thus can trust in the accuracy of your transcript.

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Transcription services for everyone in Vancouver

We’re proud to say we’ve served clients all over Vancouver, British Columbia, and Canada more generally. Our clients hail from the business world, the academic sphere, the artistic realm, and beyond, covering a huge selection of fields and disciplines. When you have experts like ours on staff, you can fulfill multifaceted demands with ease.

  • From the University of British Columbia to University Canada West to Simon Fraser University, students and professors at Vancouver’s top schools work hard in their respective fields. Our academic transcriptionists can assist with reliable academic transcription services. We have transcriptionists on staff knowledgeable in various areas, so we can match up the right professional for your order.

  • Would you like captioning services for your creative video? Our transcriptionists are more than happy to help you make your message more accessible. Creatives in Vancouver often need specific transcript features as well, such as timestamps or speaker identification—and we can add those in for free. And if you want a transcript ready for immediate publication, we’ll also have our in-house proofreaders look it over before delivery.

  • Vancouver is a top Canadian destination for immigration thanks to its comparatively mild climate. That means you can hear a lot of different languages in Vancouver, including Tagalog, Urdu, and Kazakh. At, you can order our strikingly precise transcripts in more than 500 foreign languages, so nearly anyone in Vancouver can enjoy our services. If you’re looking to cultivate an international audience for your video, we also offer subtitles.

  • Are you a healthcare worker in Downtown Vancouver, West End, or anywhere else in Vancouver? Let us support your efforts to keep the community healthy with highly accurate medical transcription services. We’ll set you up with our partner firm, which staffs transcriptionists with expertise in hematology, pediatrics, psychiatry, and countless other medical subfields.

  • Legal professionals in Vancouver can also take advantage of our partnership with a legal transcription firm to order high-quality transcripts for a variety of purposes. Our partner firm is strictly dedicated to confidentiality and precision, no matter what your content is.

  • If you’re anyone else in Vancouver, you can also order transcription services from us. Just send in your audio or video clip—or your handwritten document—and we’ll do the rest.

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Why are we better than other transcription companies?

There are a few reasons we stand out as a leader in the transcription world. For one thing, our staunch dedicated to human-verified transcripts ensures a high degree of quality and accuracy in our work. For another, we’re careful to hire transcriptionists who have expertise in supplementary fields. That means we can handle all kinds of subject matter—even highly technical content. With in-house translators and proofreaders rounding off our services, we can cater to nearly anyone in Vancouver.

With a population of 631,000, Vancouver has many professionals, academics, creatives, and others who need high-quality transcription services, and we’re here to deliver them. We’re flexible—choose from more than 80 languages and a handful of specialized services, such as captions or subtitles. We never charge extra for technical subject matter, so you always know what to expect.

Our transcriptionists are ready—order today!

Take us for a test run.

If you’re not ready to commit before getting to know us better, we understand. We’re happy to offer free transcription samples to any first-time clients who request them—just use the link below to start the process.

Here’s where you can get a free sample.

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