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The Top Transcription Services Team in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvanians can always trust us for top-tier transcription services.

One of the most populous states in the US, Pennsylvania has a ton to offer to its millions of residents. You can soak in the breathtaking beauty of Longwood Gardens, experience the state’s rich history at Gettysburg National Military Park, or indulge in a day of fun at Hersheypark—and that’s just the beginning. But, of course, the people who call Pennsylvania home also spend a lot of time working hard, whether it’s in academia or business or entertainment, and they may require transcription services to help them advance. That’s where we at come in.

Pennsylvanians can trust our team of transcription experts to deliver high-quality transcription services tailored to the specifics of their individual projects. Our flexibility applies not only to the type of audio and video files we work with but also the language, as we offer transcription services in dozens of foreign languages, as well as the degree to which we involve technology. If you want to save on time and money, we can run your file through a speech recognition program and carefully edit the results to match your audio or video clip—or we can create your transcript entirely from scratch. Your choice.

Why not work with our team now to create a high-quality transcript? Place an order!

Pennsylvanians far and wide can take advantage of our transcription services.

Whether you’re from Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Allentown, Erie, Scranton, Bethlehem, Gettysburg, or anywhere else in Pennsylvania (or the entire US, for that matter), we want you to feel welcome coming to us with your transcription needs. Our multifaceted team works with all sorts of clients, offering a wide range of transcription specializations.

  • Whether you’re at the University of Pittsburgh, the University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, Carnegie Mellon University, or another school in Pennsylvania, our academic transcriptionists are available to help you transcribe anything from interview recordings to lecture notes. If you’re worried about technical language, don’t be—our team is full of subject-matter experts in a wide variety of fields.

  • Are you making movies, videos, podcasts, or other entertainment content in Pennsylvania? If you are, we’d like to offer our transcription services for creators, which include speaker identification and timestamps added free of charge. We also provide subtitling or closed captioning services to help Pennsylvania creators make their content more accessible.

  • Pennsylvania is a major state with a lot to offer, and for many immigrants to the US, it’s too much to resist. As a result, languages from all over the world are spoken by large communities in Pennsylvania, and our multilingual transcriptionists are here for Pennsylvanians of all languages. Whether you speak Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Dutch (including Pennsylvania Dutch), German, Italian, French, Vietnamese, or another language, our transcriptionists are available to help.

  • If you practice medicine in Pennsylvania, you may have had difficulty finding reliable medical transcription services for your specialization, whether it’s pediatrics, dermatology, or emergency medicine. Indeed, it’s hard to locate experts with the right skill set for this delicate work. But that’s what our medical transcription partner company has done, and we’d be more than happy to introduce you.

  • Legal transcription is one of the most difficult specializations of transcription, since it’s rife with complex vocabulary that’s off limits to most people. This applies whether you’re working with bankruptcy law, civil rights law, finance and securities law, or any other specialty. So, what can Pennsylvania’s legal experts do to find reliable legal transcription services? Easy—work with our partner company! They’re a leader in legal transcription services, offering precise and confidential work with every order.

  • Of course, we also work with all kinds of other transcription projects. Our mission is to help anyone in Pennsylvania who has an audio or video recording (or handwritten document) that they want transcribed—no matter what it is!

If you’re ready to work with our transcriptionists, why not place an order today?

Recruiting the top transcriptionists from all over the world

Pennsylvanians can feel confident in the abilities of our elite transcription team because we’ve sourced our experts from all over the world, offering jobs to only the best transcriptionists we find. Each of our team members has undergone rigorous testing to ensure their skills match our standards, so you know your transcript is in good hands. With such a diverse team, we also cover dozens of foreign languages and have experts in a wide range of subject matters.

Our team proudly serves the roughly 13 million residents of Pennsylvania, providing them with the flexible and tailored transcription services they need to thrive in their academic, corporate, and creative projects. You can choose the type of transcription services, the language, the turnaround time, and whether we use technology to speed up the process or generate your transcript entirely from scratch… all for affordable prices that make great transcription services more accessible in Pennsylvania.

Let’s work together to elevate your project—order our transcription services now!

We can show you our transcription skills—free of charge!

Who could pass up a free sample? For any first-time client with a little time to spare, we’d be happy to offer a free sample of our transcription services. Just send us your audio or video recording, and we’ll transcribe a portion of it to show you what our team is made of. Then it’s entirely up to you whether to continue with a paid order.

Let our team show you their skills for free—request a free sample!

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