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Proud to Offer Oshawa’s Best Transcription Services

Here’s where you can access top-quality transcription in Oshawa.

The many hardworking and ambitious residents of Oshawa, Ontario, have the perfect solution to their transcription needs right at their fingertips: As a multifaceted transcription service capable of providing specialized transcription services for academic, corporate, creative, and other purposes, we’re thrived to serve the vibrant community of Oshawa. With our transcriptionists working on your project, you have more time to go out and enjoy everything Oshawa has to offer, whether that’s Parkwood Estate, Oshawa Centre, or Tribute Communities Centre.

We aim to provide a flexible offering of transcription services suited to the diverse population of Oshawa, catering to their specific transcription needs. This even includes working in foreign languages, as we offer transcription services not only in English but dozens of foreign languages. We even offer clients the option to save money and time by choosing a machine transcription post-editing model, wherein our human experts carefully modify an automatically generated transcript, bringing it up to the level of quality our clients expect. Of course, we can also generate your transcript from scratch, if that’s what you prefer.

Our team is eagerly awaiting your transcript order—so why not place one now?

If you’re in Oshawa, our transcription services are for you.

When it comes to offering transcription services, we don’t discriminate—we’re happy to work with anyone in Oshawa who needs high-quality transcription services to elevate their project. Our guarantee of quality holds true regardless of your project type or subject matter. So, just send us your audio or video file, whether you’re in Donevan, McLaughlin, Vanier, Lakeview, O’Neil, or another Oshawa neighbourhood (or even if you’re outside of the city—or somewhere else in Canada!).

  • A lot of prime academic work comes out of Oshawa’s three post-secondary institutes: Durham College, Trent University Durham, and Ontario Tech University. Our academic transcriptionists are proud to work with the many students, professors, and researchers at these schools, carefully transcribing their audio and video files across a huge array of disciplines. If you’re worried about esoteric language, just request a subject-matter expert in your field—we have tons!

  • Oshawa creators produce a range of high-quality entertainment content, running the gamut from movies and videos to podcasts and games. If you’re looking for transcription services (or subtitling services) to elevate your creative projects, we’re the team for you. As a free bonus, we’ll even add tags that identify the speaker in a dialogue and timestamps that specify when each speaker starts talking.

  • Given Oshawa’s natural beauty and vibrant, friendly nature, it’s hardly a surprise that many immigrants choose to start their new Canadian life in this Ontario city. Of course, many of these immigrants speak a foreign language as their first, but we hire skilled transcriptionists from all over the world and thus can produce transcripts in all sorts of languages, including French, Italian, Polish, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Tagalog, Urdu, and dozens of others.

  • Oshawa is renowned for its highly developed healthcare sciences sector, with hardworking medical professionals forging new paths ahead in medical specialties ranging from internal medicine to ophthalmology. This means that Oshawa has a high need for reliable medical transcription services, which can be hard to come by. But now, all Oshawa doctors and healthcare providers have to do is contact us—we’ll introduce you to our partner medical firm, a leader in medical transcription services with experts in all sorts of medical niches.

  • General transcriptionists simply can’t handle the complexity of legal transcription. Any legal professional in Oshawa, whether they practice in finance and securities law, criminal law, or estate law, can affirm the esoteric nature of their profession. While we can’t provide legal transcription services ourselves, we can introduce Oshawa lawyers to our legal transcription partner company, who consistently provides reliable and confidential transcription services across various legal subfields.

  • If your transcription project falls into a different category, that’s okay! Our team is big and flexible enough to handle the transcription needs of just about anyone in Oshawa. So, just send us your file, whether it’s an audio recording, video clip, or handwritten document, and we’ll get right to work.

Place a transcription order with us now, and then sit back and relax—we’ll take it from here.

A collection of the world’s best transcriptionists

How are we able to be so confident in our transcription services? Simple—we know our transcriptionists are the best. We’ve recruited them from a worldwide pool, giving us access to the best transcriptionists on the planet, and just to ensure they’re really up to our standards, we have every applicant undertake a difficult transcription test. We also look for candidates with experience in specific types of transcription, particularly specialties like academic, corporate, and entertainment transcription, and favor candidates who have expertise in additional fields.

With around 185,000 residents, Oshawa is a sizeable city with a high demand for great transcription services. We believe we’re just the team to deliver what the ambitious people of Oshawa need. We’re flexible, catering to the individual needs of each client, keeping our prices fair and affordable. We work on your timeline, delivering your transcript within the timeframe you specify. Our number one mission is quality.

Why not take a moment now to place your first transcription order?

A free sample is a great way to see whether we’re a match.

Entrusting your audio or video file to a company for transcription can feel like a leap of faith. But it doesn’t have to. We offer free transcription samples to all first-time clients in Oshawa to show them that we really are as good as we say. And if you aren’t fully satisfied with our work, you don’t have to go any further—so it’s a risk-free way to test out our transcription team.

Want a free sample? Send us a message today!

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