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The Best Transcription Services You’ll Find in the State of Georgia

Georgians far and wide trust us with their transcription needs.

Anyone who’s been to the U.S. state of Georgia understands the beauty this region offers. And if you don’t, all it takes is one visit to Rock City Gardens, Amicalola Falls State Park, or the Savannah Historic District to see just how incredible Georgia is. Of course, though, the true beauty is in the population and all the great work that Georgians produce, whether it’s in academia, or business, or entertainment. Georgians often need transcription services to support their work, and we at are proud to provide them.

Whatever you need in terms of transcription services, we’re here to offer. We’re not even limited to audio and video clips in English—our multilingual team can provide transcription services in any number of foreign languages. We also let you choose the manner by which your transcript is created—would you like to take the cheaper and quicker route, where we use speech recognition software to generate a base transcript and mold it from there, or do you want your transcript 100% human-created? We let you decide.

If you want great transcription services, what are you waiting for? Place an order today!

A diverse range of transcription services for our Georgian clients

We love all of Georgia—whether it’s Atlanta, Savannah, Augusta, Athens, Columbus, Macon, South Fulton, Sandy Springs, or a smaller city in this beautiful state. No matter where in Georgia you’re from, our transcriptionists would love to help you with your transcription project. We cover a wide range of transcription services, some of which are listed below:

  • Are you a student or professor at one of Georgia’s many esteemed post-secondary institutes, such as the University of Georgia, Georgia State University, Savannah State University, or Augusta University? If so, feel free to reach out to our transcriptionists anytime you need academic transcription services. Since we hire transcriptionists who are experts in additional fields, we can match you with a transcriptionist who understands the lingo of your discipline.

  • Georgia’s entertainment sector is booming, with creative minds producing innovative new movies, videos, podcasts, and more. Our transcription team is here to help Georgia’s creatives by offering transcription services (with free speaker identification and timestamps!). Want subtitles or closed captions? We offer those, too, in whatever language you want.

  • Georgia is a beautiful state, and it’s clear that many people from around the world have recognized that, as they’ve settled in Georgia to start a new life from abroad. The result is a multilingual state that represents diverse language communities, and we believe they deserve access to great transcription services. Whether it’s Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, French, Yoruba, Hindi, Gujarati, or something else, you can work with our multilingual transcription team for services in nearly any language.

  • If you’re a doctor, nurse, or other healthcare professional in Georgia, allow us to help you track down medical transcription services you can rely on. After all, the abundance of technical language in subfields like anesthesiology, internal medicine, and pathology is enough to make any non-expert’s head spin. Our medical transcription partner company works with top medical transcriptionists in various healthcare specialties to ensure that Georgia’s medical practitioners get the transcription services they need.

  • Georgia’s legal practitioners are likely aware of the difficulty in finding great legal transcriptionists. After all, very few people can accurately understand all the lingo present in legal specialties like family law, personal injury law, or civil rights law. But our partner transcription firm can help. With experienced transcriptionists with expertise in a variety of subfields, they’re the best option for specialized transcription for lawyers all around Georgia.

  • Our transcription services extend far beyond what we’ve listed above, and they’re available to anyone in Georgia. So, whatever your transcription needs may be, feel free to reach out—our team is here for you and your audio or video clips (or handwritten notes).

Let us help you take your project to the next level—place an order for transcription now!

We’re confident in our transcriptionists—here’s why.

It’s not easy to land a coveted slot on our transcriptionist team—you have to prove you’re truly a master of transcription. That’s just what our team members have done, by passing all the tests we’ve administered to them with flying colors. Our search for the best transcriptionists has taken us all over the world, and now we have an international transcription team eager to help clients in Georgia, offering a wide array of languages and specialties. We also have experts in numerous disciplines, so don’t worry about technical language.

More than 10 million people call the southern state of Georgia home, and inevitably, that encompasses a great deal of transcription projects. But that’s okay—our team is big, and we’re ready to help any Georgian who needs reliable transcription services, whether they’re pursuing excellence in academia, business, entertainment, or another field. Sweetening our transcription offering, we allow clients to select their own turnaround time, and we keep our prices competitive and affordable.

Our team is ready to help—feel free to submit an order for transcription services now.

Are we the team for you? Find out with a free sample.

Here’s how confident we are in our international team of transcriptionists: we offer free transcription samples to all first-time clients in Georgia who request one. Just send us your audio or video clip, and we’ll transcribe part of it, allowing you to see directly whether we’re a good fit for your project. If we are, then you can confidently proceed with a paid order.

If you’d like a free transcription sample, simply reach out and request one!

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