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Atlanta Audio and Video Transcription Services

Yes, you can get accurate transcription.

If you think ordering transcription services is too complicated to bother with, is here to reassure you that it’s most definitely not. As a leading online English and foreign language transcription service, we work with clients across Atlanta, from the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site to the Atlanta History Center. Our clients trust our expertise in delivering high-quality transcripts of their audio, video, and written content.

While some of our competitors skimp on finding the most qualified personnel, we hire only experienced and skilled transcriptionists to entrust with your valuable content. We may also use speech-to-text software to speed up the process, but since our human transcriptionists always meticulously check the results, there's no loss of quality. The end result is an accurate transcript for you.

Start today and order transcription.

Yes, our services are suited to your needs.

Atlanta’s a huge city with lots of businesses, organizations, and educational institutions that take advantage of our services. We have no doubt that with our experience and professional staff, we can deliver a transcript to your utmost satisfaction.

  • Researchers, faculty, and graduate students at top colleges such as Emory University, Georgia State, and the Georgia Institute of Technology require academic transcription for their recorded lectures and discussions.

  • Some content creators in Atlanta need video transcripts and captions, which we offer. In fact, along with preparing your final proofread transcripts, our professional team can include speaker identification and timestamps at no additional charge.

  • With an ever-growing need for medical transcription, we partner with experts to create polished professional projects that are vital to healthcare. In Atlanta and surrounding areas such as Buckhead and Midtown, healthcare providers in the fields of anesthesiology, urology, obstetrics, and many other specialties require the professional services of our partners.

  • To serve those who practice law in Atlanta, we partner with legal transcription professionals dedicated to quality. This valuable partnership allows us to provide accurate legal transcripts while maintaining vital confidentiality.

  • Beyond these fields, some people just need to transcribe their dictated notes and handwritten content into a clean, accurate draft.

Don’t delay! Order a transcript.

Yes, we hire only top-notch professionals.

Our experience tells us we provide the best transcription service available to the thousands of businesses, researchers, content creators, and students in the Atlanta area. Our expert transcriptionists have backgrounds in the arts and sciences and are familiar with complex industry terminology, ensuring we can deliver your projects accurately, on time, and without breaking your budget.

Matching your project with a transcriptionist who has expertise in your area helps maintain our high standards, and our simple fee structure doesn’t change with the presence of esoteric language or multiple speakers. With us, you can create a permanent digital transcript of your audio or video.

Order transcription services now.

Yes, you can check us out for free.

With all the services out there in cyberspace, we understand you may want to check us out before ordering your first transcript.

Learn just how good our services are. Order a free sample today.

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