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Top Transcription Services in Winnipeg, Manitoba

We’re your go-to transcription experts in Winnipeg.

Attention, everyone in Winnipeg who needs great transcription services! We here at are proud to announce our dedication to serving the good people of Winnipeg, providing our world-class transcription services to the diverse array of ambitious people who populate this snowy city. Whether you like to frequent the Forks Market or enjoy the serenity of Assiniboine Park, all Winnipeggers are welcome here at, no matter their background, discipline, or language. That’s right—we transcribe audio clips, video footage, and even handwritten notes in both English and hundreds of foreign languages!

Where does speech recognition technology fit into our transcription work? We believe in embracing the power of technology and using it to make our work even higher quality—so we may use speech-to-text software to produce a base transcript that our human experts then develop into a professional transcript. But if you’d prefer your transcript be created entirely by our human experts, that’s totally fine, too. No matter what, we never compromise on quality and accuracy.

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Catering to the diverse transcription needs of Winnipeggers

We’ve hired a diverse team of transcription experts to ensure that we can accommodate as many transcription needs as possible. Some of our transcriptionists are specialized in academia, others in business, and others yet in entertainment. We work with clients from all neighbourhoods of Winnipeg, as well as other parts of Manitoba, other provinces of Canada, and other countries around the world.

  • With renowned post-secondary education institutes like the University of Winnipeg, the University of Manitoba, and Red River College Polytechnic, Winnipeg is a hotspot for higher education. That means many of Winnipeg’s residents are professors, students, and researchers who may require academic transcription services. We can help—we’ve hired academic transcription experts representing a variety of disciplines, so we aren’t fazed by technical vocabulary or esoteric language.

  • Winnipeggers are creative—this is evident in all the online videos, podcasts, movies, documentaries, and other creative content the city puts out. Our team is thrilled to assist any Winnipeg-based content creators who want transcription services to help boost their work, whether that means full transcripts, complete with speaker identification tags and timestamps, or their content, or subtitles or closed captions for their videos. If you need other extra features for your creative transcripts, simply let us know.

  • Most people in Winnipeg speak English as their native language—but a good deal also speak Canada’s other official language, French, as well as indigenous tongues like Cree and Ojibwe, in addition to immigrant languages like Tagalog, German, Ukrainian, Punjabi, and Polish. No matter your language, we want to offer you great transcription services, which is why we’ve hired skilled transcriptionists in hundreds of languages. This means we can either transcribe your foreign-language audio or video content as is or translate it to produce an English-language transcript.

  • No one wants to fall ill—but when you do, you’re grateful for the hardworking Winnipeg medical care providers who nurse you back to health. Here at, we’d love to help Winnipeg’s healthcare workers access the medical transcription services they need to keep Winnipeggers healthy, but our transcriptionists just don’t possess the healthcare knowledge to navigate medical subfields like obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology, or surgery. But the experts at the medical transcription company we’ve partnered with can help—contact us for a referral!

  • From copyright law and immigration law to family law, criminal law, and corporate law, the legal field is incredibly intricate, with complicated and esoteric vocabulary preventing most normal people from understanding the field. If you practice law in Winnipeg and are looking for a reliable legal transcription service, let us help—while we can’t provide legal transcription services ourselves, we can get you set up with our partner legal transcription company, who provides reliable and confidential legal transcription services in any number of legal specialties.

  • Of course, we’re not limited to the above. It doesn’t matter who you are in Winnipeg or why you’re looking for transcription services—we’re eager to help you!

Ordering transcription services is easy—all it takes is the click of a button!

The unrivaled skills of our transcription team

How are we able to provide the best transcription services in all of Winnipeg? Easy—we owe it all to the incredible skills, experience, and knowledge of our transcription experts, who hail from all over Winnipeg, the rest of Canada, and other parts of our big, wide world. With our transcriptionists trained in various types of transcription and knowledgeable in a huge array of disciplines and fields, it’s easy for us to match any Winnipegger to the most suitable transcriptionist for their project. For transcription services for any dialect, accent, or even language, you can count on our team.

Indeed, we’re here to serve the nearly 750,000 people who call Winnipeg home, whether they’re looking to expand their promising new startup, sifting through interviews for their qualitative academic study, or tirelessly shooting their latest movie. With us, you never have to worry about hidden fees or unpleasant surprises, thanks to our affordable and transparent fee model—you can just sit back and relax as we work on your transcript.

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You’re welcome to request a free sample!

If you’d like to see our transcription work for yourself before you submit a paid order, no problem! Our team will happily provide a free sample of your material, with no obligations attached. So, what do you have to lose? Try out a free sample today!

Here’s how you can request a free transcription sample.

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