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Discover the Best Transcriptionists in Wichita, Kansas

Wichita’s best transcription service, right at your fingertips.

​It’s not hard to understand why Wichita scholars, professionals, artists, and others flock to for all their transcription needs. Our flexible transcription team provides tailored transcripts to clients from all walks of life, catering to the diverse needs of Wichita residents. We’re not even restricted to English—if you want foreign-language transcription services, we have you covered. We also transcribe handwritten notes in addition to audio and video clips. From Exploration Place to the Keeper of the Plains, our transcriptionists are here to serve Wichita.

The usage of speech-to-text software by transcription companies is a controversial point. Most people know the technology is inaccurate, but it does create good base transcripts to work from. That's why we may use them, but only with professional human transcriptionists who arduously compare these machine-created transcripts to the original audio clip. This human intuition ensures your sermon, lecture, or interview is transcribed expertly. You can count on us for a transcription job well done.

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We have a flexible team to accommodate all Wichitans.

We’re serious about helping anyone in Wichita who needs transcription services—whether it’s academic transcription, business transcription, or legal transcription. We make our offer available not only to everyone in Wichita but also to residents all over Kansas and the United States, helping as many clients as we can.

  • If you study at Wichita State University, Newman University, or Friends University, you’re helping forge new depths of human knowledge. We’d like to support you with our academic transcription services, which are well suited for recordings of lectures and conferences. Many of our transcriptionists are experts in various academic fields, so we’ll match you to someone who knows your field.

  • There’s a lot of creativity in Wichita, and we’d like to help Wichita content creators transcribe their Vimeo videos or podcasts. We’re happy to add useful features like timestamps and speaker identification free of charge to add more value to your transcript. We also proudly offer video captions and proofreading services from our in-house proofreading team.

  • If you’ve come to Wichita from another country, we can likely still serve you in your native language! Our international transcription team speaks more than 500 languages, so we can help speakers of Slovak, Malay, Afrikaans, and more. Additionally, we can create subtitles for video content, whether into English or out of it.

  • We admire the hard work of healthcare professionals and the hours they dedicate to keep us in Wichita safe. However, medical fields, including emergency medicine, pathology, and radiology, require a high degree of familiarity to accurately transcribe. So, we decided to partner with a leading medical transcription company. This allows us to offer top-notch medical transcription services across Wichita.

  • Law isn’t an easy field—if it were, it wouldn’t be hard to find good legal transcription services. But legal transcription is something only highly trained legal professionals—like the ones at our legal transcription partner company—are qualified for. Our partners are dedicated to the highest levels of confidentiality to keep your data safe.

  • Feel free to reach out even if you don’t fall under these categories! Our target demographic is really anyone in Wichita with an audio or video recording or handwritten document who wants transcription.

​Order a transcript and relax—we’ll take it from here.

Our dedication to quality distinguishes us.

We have a large transcription team with countless years of experience in the industry. We’ve picked transcription experts from around the world who are familiar with different dialects, accents, fields, and transcription specialties, so we’re able to cater to a maximum number of Wichitans. Our teams of translators and proofreaders then help round out our offering and add maximum value.

In Wichita, there’s no shortage of greatness—more than 390,000 students, artists, business owners, and others reside in the city. Not all of them speak English as a native language—some speak Japanese, Finnish, or Russian. Here at, we can assist them all with their transcription needs. Indeed, it’s our mission to do so. And we offer our services at affordable prices under a transparent pricing model—no hidden fees here.

​Don’t wait—order your first transcript now!

Check out a free sample before placing a paid order.

​If your project isn’t urgent, it may be a good idea to order a free sample first to ensure we meet your standards. We probably do—our standards are pretty high. But we want you to feel 100% confident ordering transcription services from us.

​See what we’re made of with a free sample.

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