Malay Transcription Services


Malay audio or video to Malay text: $2.10 (USD) per audio minute

Malay audio or video to English text: $6.95 (USD) per audio minute

We don’t charge extra for the following:

  • Speaker identification

  • Timestamps

  • Accents

  • Difficult terminology

  • Multiple speakers

Where can you find top-notch Malay transcriptionists? Right here at We boast a team of highly experienced transcriptionists and translators eager to transform your Malay audio or video into professionally formatted text. We guarantee remarkable precision, stunning professionalism, blazing speed, and strict confidentiality for all transcripts in Malay, or Bahasa Malaysia.

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Malay Transcription Is What We Know

Malay is not a small language by any means, with 77,000,000 native speakers, and as a lingua franca in Malaysia and Indonesia, it boasts an incredible 281,000,000 total speakers. In addition to Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand, where it is spoken by large numbers of people, Malay is also spoken in many small communities that span the globe, including, notably, in Singapore.

We at believe your Malay message is important and deserves to be spread far and wide, which is why we produce highly accurate transcripts in Malay or translated into English. What would you like to do with your professionally formatted transcripts? Conduct research? Help market your organization? Spread information? Create a documentary film? Our transcripts allow you to do all this and more.

Human Transcriptionists Are More Accurate Than Machines

It’s possible to have software generate a Malay transcript—in theory. Speech-to-text programs can indeed listen to Malay recordings and attempt to translate the speech into words, but the results are woefully inaccurate and rife with nonsensical errors. Though other Malay transcription agencies use this suboptimal technology, we at highly value precision. We hire only human transcriptionists whose vast knowledge of the Malay language is unparalleled.

Malay idioms? Slang terms? Irregular accents? Our expert transcriptionists are well acquainted with all of these. As a widely spoken lingua franca, Malay features many different dialects, such as Indonesian, Malayu, and Minangkabau, but as professional transcriptionists, we can easily handle dialect audio. Our team includes various transcriptionists fluent in different dialects, so we’ll make sure a dialect expert handles your Malay transcript.

We Take Pride in the Flexibility of Our Transcription Services

Of course we’d be thrilled to transcribe your audio or video into flowing Malay text, but that’s not the only service we offer. If you prefer, we can actually translate your transcript into English, as well. Your audio or video can cover any topic. Since we’ve transcribed Malay audio for scholars, entrepreneurs, and professionals from many different sectors, we’re familiar with a wide range of material. On top of familiarity with technical terms, our transcriptionists can expertly handle recordings that contain background noise, feature multiple speakers, or consist of mumbled speech.

Amateurs and software can’t produce the high-quality Malay transcripts you’re looking for. We can. For ultimate flexibility, confidentiality, accuracy, and speed, turn to for all your Malay transcription needs. Additionally, our diverse selection of turnaround times is designed to suit the needs of all clients. If you’re ready to get your first Malay transcript started, just send us your file.

We’ve assisted clients from Charlotte, Boston, and Austin, from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Jakarta (Indonesia), and George Town (Malaysia), and from hundreds of other cities worldwide. Let us do the same for you.

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