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Top Transcriptionists in Virginia Beach

Find the best transcription services Virginia Beach has to offer

​All around Virginia Beach are professionals, academics, content creators, and others looking for the best in transcription services. From the depths of First Landing State Park to the heights of Cape Henry Lighthouse, it can be hard to find a transcription company that checks all the boxes: professional, reliable, flexible, and affordable. But that’s precisely what is. We specialize in many types of transcription in both English and many foreign languages, turning audio clips, video footage, and handwritten content into professionally formatted transcripts.

​One of the reasons it’s so hard to find a reliable transcription agency is that many rely solely on speech-to-text software in their work. Speech-recognition algorithms are infamous for their inaccuracy, resulting in transcripts of questionable accuracy, but that doesn't mean they don't have their place—they're a great tool to make the job of a human transcriptionist more efficient. Human transcriptionists can consistently craft top-notch transcripts time and time again, so we rely on human expertise both to create transcripts and to revise machine-generated transcripts. Our human transcriptionists work for you to create the best transcript for your purposes.

​Reach out today for a free quote to see how affordable our transcription is.

Ultimate flexibility means transcription services for everyone

People from all over Virginia Beach flock to us because we’ve carefully built a transcription team that can respond to the needs of diverse transcription clients. In fact, we serve clients from all across Virginia and the US.

  • Academic transcription: Our transcriptionists work with students and professors at esteemed Virginia Beach institutes like Regent University, Virginia Wesleyan University, and South University at Virginia Beach. We’re passionate about providing academic transcription services that help clients organize their recorded lectures or handwritten research notes, and we’ve hired experts in a number of fields to ensure maximum accuracy of technical terms.

  • Creative transcription: Our transcriptionists love working with the innovative Virginia Beach minds behind creative videos, podcasts, films, and more. We’re always happy to add special features like speaker identification and timestamps if you need them—we can implement them for free in our YouTube video and podcast transcription services! Another popular service for creatives is our closed captions offering.

  • Foreign-language transcription: Residents of Virginia Beach hail from all over the world, and many have brought their native languages with them to Virginia Beach’s shores. These languages include Spanish, Hausa, Azerbaijani, and many more—and, fortunately, we can cover all these languages and around 500 others. We’re even available for subtitling services, whether into English or one of the many foreign languages we offer.

  • Medical transcription: The medical professionals in Virginia Beach work hard, and so does our medical transcription partner company. If you’re seeking reliable medical transcription in radiology, internal medicine, emergency medicine, or another field, look to our partner, who provides specialized medical transcripts with reliable precision.

  • Legal transcription: We’ve partnered with a top legal transcription company to bring Virginia Beach lawyers the best in specialized legal transcription services. Whether your practice is in Kempsville or Hilltop, our partners provide transcription services in all areas of the law with the utmost precision and confidentiality.

  • There’s almost no one in Virginia Beach we can’t cater to—if you have an audio or video file or handwritten content you need transcribed, we’re your team.

​Don’t wait—order your first transcript today!

Our exceptional dedication to quality distinguishes us

​​Most transcription agencies are good at transcription—although those who use machine transcription with sufficient review from human transcriptionists downgrade their service. Whenever we use machine transcription, we make sure our human experts scrutinize every word in the resulting transcripts. What sets us apart is that we go above and beyond: we have extensive teams of translators and proofreaders ready to accommodate your special requests. We also make sure to hire transcriptionists who have expertise in additional fields—that way we can cater to all clients, even those with complicated subject matter.

It’s not hard to see why Virginia Beach’s 450,000+ inhabitants are so vested in We promise unwavering quality and accuracy on a flexible schedule at affordable rates. This makes us the top choice for clients from all walks of life, be it academia, business, marketing, medicine, or law. Our ability to accommodate more than 500 languages also distinguishes us from most of our competitors and draws in Virginia Beach’s many foreign-language speakers.

​Make today the day you dive into transcription services—order now!

Take a test drive of our transcription services.

​It’s okay if you want to see our work before placing an order—it’s totally understandable. Click the link below to order a free sample, and let us show you that we absolutely meet your high standards for transcription.

​Our transcription team is eager to show off their skills to you.

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