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Turkmen Transcription Services

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Nestled in the heart of Central Asia, snuggled up against the southeastern coast of the Caspian Sea, you’ll find Turkmenistan, a former Soviet republic that has proudly cultivated its own independent identity since breaking off from the Soviet Union. Turkmen is the only official language of the country, with the government taking steps to reduce the influence of Russian in Turkmen society. At, we’re proud to support the Turkmen language as well, offering professional transcription services for Turkmen to whoever wants them.

We invite you to place an order for Turkmen transcription services today!

We’re Passionate About Crafting the Best Turkmen Transcripts

​Turkmen is spoken as a native language by roughly 11 million people worldwide, which is significantly more than the 7 million or so people who inhabit the country of Turkmenistan. Turkmen is the first language of roughly 72% of the Turkmen population, with most other Turkmen speakers found in nearby countries, such as Russia, Uzbekistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, and Turkey.

As the name implies, Turkmen hails from the Turkic language family and bears a close relationship to Turkish, Azerbaijani, Crimean Tatar, Gagauz, and Qashqai. Turkmen grammar is similar to that of other Turkic languages, with numerous noun cases that differ in form depending on the vowels and consonants of the root word. Turkmen also incorporates a number of speech registers that speakers must navigate depending on their relationship to the people they’re talking to. Turkmen isn’t a simple language, but since our transcriptionists are native Turkmen speakers, you don’t have to worry about them getting confused. They’ll navigate all the challenges of Turkmen transcription and deliver you a professionally formatted transcript in Turkmen—or translated into English if you prefer!

Using Technology to Make Our Turkmen Transcription Services Even Better

​We’re always looking for innovative ways to bring you the best Turkmen transcription services we can. One way we can improve our offer is by leveraging the power of transcription technology in our work. Speech-recognition software isn’t as accurate as human transcriptionists, but it’s much, much faster. We can dramatically speed up our work by having a machine generate a base transcript of your Turkmen audio or video file and then having our human experts carefully go over the results and meticulously correct all errors present.

Unlike languages like Russian, Turkish, or Persian, which enjoy more resources, Turkmen isn’t a priority for most automated transcription technology, meaning the quality tends to be lower than for bigger languages. That makes it even more important to rely on human experts like the ones on our team. Every transcript we deliver has been carefully approved by our human transcriptionists, so you never have to worry. But if you’d still prefer we create your transcript from scratch—whether you want it in Turkmen or translated into English—we can do that.

Turkmen Transcription Services Individualized for Your Project

Perhaps you’re a professor or academic researcher. Maybe you’re the CEO of a major business or the founder of a budding startup. Or it could be that you’re a filmmaker or video producer. Whoever you are and whatever you do, if you’re looking for Turkmen transcription services, our team is right for you. That’s because we hire transcriptionists who specialize in different types of transcription, ready to serve all sorts of projects. And we can even accommodate projects with technical subject matter, since many of our Turkmen transcriptionists are also experts in other fields.

Does your audio or video clip contain multiple speakers talking over each other? Maybe there’s a lot of background noise. Perhaps the speech is in a specific dialect, or maybe it’s full of slang expressions. Even if your recording contains tricky elements like these, don’t fret. Our Turkmen language experts know how to handle these difficulties and will produce the best transcripts possible under the circumstances. That’s our promise to you, whether you’re in Ashgabat, Mary, Daşoguz, Türkmenabat, Änew, Balkanabat, or anywhere else in Turkmenistan or the world.

It's time for your first Turkmen transcription order—place it now!

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