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Audio and Video Transcriptionists in Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Let us show you what high-quality transcription is.

​It’s no secret that there’s a large need for transcription services in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It’s not easy to find the right service for you, however—you have different needs depending on whether you’re an academic, businessperson, or content creator. You may have complex subject matter or poor audio quality, which complicates the search. You may have content in a foreign language, and many transcription companies only work with English content.

Well, you’ve finally found your solution: Tulsa’s one-stop shop for transcription services. We work tirelessly to provide high-quality transcripts of audio files, video clips, and handwritten notes in any subject and just about any language. We’re proud to serve the good people of Tulsa, from Gilcrease Museum to the Blue Whale of Catoosa.

​Another way we stand out from the crowd is that we strongly believe in the human touch when it comes to transcription services. That's not to say we never use machine transcription—it has its place as long as skilled human transcriptionists are scrutinizing the results—but we believe you deserve the best, and the best is experienced human transcriptionists specialized in your area. So, don’t worry—we at always offer a full accuracy guarantee.

​See what transcription can do for you—order today.

We’re serious about serving all of Tulsa’s transcription needs.

At, our mission is to provide a highly flexible yet specialized transcription service. In other words, we provide tailored, specialized transcription services in a wide range of areas. That way, we can provide everyone with the precise specialization they need. That’s what makes us the best in Tulsa and all of the US.

  • If you’ve been recording your lectures or conferences at the University of Tulsa, Oral Roberts University, or Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology, our academic transcription services may be right for you. Since our team is full of transcriptionists with supplementary expert knowledge, you can be sure your transcriptionist will know the terminology of your field.

  • If you create content for a Tulsa audience, we’d like to help you make the most of it. For example, our video captions service can help you expand the reach of your video. If you want your video or podcast transcribed, we can also add timestamps and speaker identification for free.

  • If you’re one of Tulsa’s many foreign-language speakers, you may be interested in our wide array of foreign-language transcription services. With more than 500 languages to choose from, we can easily cater to speakers of Indonesian, Ukrainian, Kannada, and more. As an additional service, we’re also happy to make video subtitles.

  • If you serve the city of Tulsa as a medical care provider, our specialized medical transcription services may interest you. We don’t have an in-house team, but we can set you up with our medical transcription partner, who’s well versed in medical fields from oncology to psychiatry. This is the best way for Tulsa healthcare workers, from Riverview Historic District to Brookside, to access medical transcription.

  • If you work hard as a lawyer in Tulsa, you know the right legal transcription services can be hard to come by. We can proudly introduce you to the legal transcription company we’ve partnered with, who’s worked in the industry for years and developed a top-level team of transcriptionists dedicated to accuracy and confidentiality.

  • And if you’re anyone else in Tulsa with audio, video, or handwritten notes, don’t hesitate to send them our way!

Trust us to fulfill your transcription needs—place an order now.

The best transcriptionists for the best city.

​We’ve worked hard to compile such a great transcriptionist team. It’s taken time and effort to look all around the world, inviting the best of the best to join our team. Our transcriptionists come from various backgrounds, often boasting expert knowledge in other fields, allowing them to navigate esoteric subject matter with ease.

​Tulsa has around 400,000 inhabitants—and among them are countless entrepreneurs, scholars, artists, and others looking for the best in transcription. That’s what we’re here to provide, from video transcription services to focus group transcription. You can choose English or one of the more than 500 other languages we transcribe and translate. And you don’t even have to worry about the quality of your audio, because our pricing model is always consistent.

​Submit your order now and let our transcriptionists handle the rest.

A free transcription sample just for you.

​We’re good, and we know it. That’s why we can confidently offer free transcription samples to first-time clients. We’re ready to wow you—are you ready to be wowed?

A free transcription sample is just a click away.

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