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Tucson, Arizona: Top Audio and Video Transcription Services

You’ve found us: Tucson’s top transcriptionists.

Tucson is a beautiful city. The Saguaro National Park’s cacti-lined trails offer beautiful views of Arizona’s mountains, and the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is a fun, interactive way to learn more about your own home. We also know Tucson is filled with hard-working individuals from academia, business, medicine, and other sectors, and that’s why we’re so proud to offer our transcription services to them. At, we transcribe audio, video, and even handwritten content in English and numerous foreign languages, making us Tucson’s best transcription service.

Since we hold so much pride in the quality of our transcripts, we've been careful to select the foremost human transcriptionists to work on our team. We may sometimes use speech-to-text software, but don't worry—with us, you’ll always get a professional human transcriptionist with experience and expertise in your field carefully reviewing your transcript for accuracy before we deliver it. No matter the language, you can count on us to provide professional and reliable transcripts.

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We pride ourselves on transcription flexibility.

We proudly serve the good people of Tucson—as well as all of Arizona and even the United States! With a team as large and diverse as ours, we can accommodate just about any client’s needs. See below for a few of the types of transcription services we offer.

  • Academic transcription. Scholars at the University of Arizona and Brookline College Tucson Campus frequently turn to us for help transcribing their lecture recordings or handwritten notes. We have several team members who specialize in academic transcription, with expertise in a range of fields. We’ll always match you with a transcriptionist familiar with your field to ensure maximum accuracy.

  • Creative transcription. Tucson is home to a lot of creative talent, and we’d like to help Tucson creatives make the most of their content. Prime transcription offerings for creatives include video transcription and captioning services, both of which we specialize in. Speaker tags and timestamps are even free—just let us know whether you need them. And for a little extra, we can also throw in a proofreading service to polish your transcript for immediate publication.

  • Medical transcription. Medical professionals rely on high-quality medical transcripts to carry out their important work in internal medicine, radiology, pathology, and other medical subfields. Whether you’re in Downtown, Catalina Foothills, or Sam Hughes, you now have easy access to top-level medical transcripts in Tucson thanks to our partner medical transcription firm.

  • Legal transcription. Whether you need a transcript of testimonies, depositions, or court proceedings, our legal transcription partner is just the firm to help you. Our partners are highly experienced in various areas of the law and are strictly dedicated to the highest levels of confidentiality.


  • Anyone else with audio, video, or handwritten content is also eligible for our transcription services—that’s how flexible we are!

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Why are we so proud of our team?

We’re a diverse, flexible transcription team with a variety of skills and competencies. For one thing, we offer translation and proofreading services on top of our transcription services. We also hire transcriptionists who are experts in various fields—whether it’s computer science, biology, or history—which allows us to confidently transcribe the most technical of content. We’re strict about who we hire so that you can always trust in our quality.

People of Tucson—yes, all 550,000 of you—we’re ready to help you with all your transcription needs. Everyone from content creators to lawyers to business executives to healthcare practitioners are welcome to hire us for transcription, regardless of their subject matter. Not even poor audio quality or multiple speakers are an issue for us. Our pricing remains consistent even under such circumstances, making us a reliable and client-friendly transcription agency.

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See a free sample before ordering!

We’re so confident in our transcription quality that we offer free samples to all first-time clients. Simply use the link below to request a no-obligation free sample, and let us prove ourselves.

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