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We Provide High-Quality Tamil Subtitles in SRT File Format

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Our Tamil subtitling team is here to help you tackle the Tamil-speaking market.

Many people think of English as the common language of people around the globe, but is that really the case? Estimates show that around 17% of the world’s population can understand and converse in English, which hardly makes English a “universal language.” Coincidentally, that’s roughly the same percentage of people who can speak English in Tamil Nadu, the heart of the Tamil-speaking world. So, if you’re looking to tap into this huge Indian market with your creative video content, you’ll need Tamil subtitles.

Tamil speakers love a great movie, documentary, TV drama, online video, or video game, but if you’re only offering your works in English, most of them won’t be able to understand it. That’s where our Tamil subtitling team comes in. At, we work hard to break down the language barriers that separate passionate content creators from vast new global audiences, and Tamil is one of the dozens of languages we’re proud to work with. With professional and polished Tamil subtitles delivered as an SRT file, you’ll be able to immediately embed your subtitles and make a splash in the Tamil-speaking world.

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How can Tamil subtitling services broaden your potential audience?

Not everyone in India speaks Hindi—in fact, most people in southern India don’t speak Hindi. Southern Indians are divided across many languages, but one of the most prominent is Tamil, native to India’s southeastern state of Tamil Nadu as well as Sri Lanka’s Northern and Eastern Provinces. The large Tamil diaspora has also brought the language to Malaysia, Myanmar, South Africa, the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, Mauritius, and beyond. Altogether, there are 78 million native speakers of Tamil, with 8 million second-language speakers pushing the total number of speakers up to around 86 million.

You may be thinking that subtitles are just a cheaper and less effective alternative to dubs, but subtitles offer certain benefits that you can’t access with Tamil dubs. For example, consider the millions of Tamil speakers who suffer from hearing loss, whether partial or complete—if you dub your content in Tamil, it will remain inaccessible to this demographic. Many other Tamil speakers might also watch your online video with the sound turned off, regardless of how well they can hear, and Tamil subtitles are invaluable for cases like this.

Tamil: one of India’s most culturally important languages

Tamil isn’t the biggest language in India—that’s Hindi—nor is it the biggest Dravidian language in the country—that honor goes to nearby Telugu. But Tamil holds critical cultural importance as one of the longest-surviving classical languages of the vibrant Indian subcontinent. Tamil has a long literary past, with literature written in various scripts over millennia, although it’s written in the Tamil script today.

Unlike Hindi, which comes from the Indo–European language family, Tamil is a Dravidian language, a family indigenous to southern India. This makes it related to languages like Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada, but not Sinhala, the other major language of Sri Lanka. Tamil is classed as an agglutinative language, meaning it attaches various affixes to stems to convey grammatical information, which can result in some pretty long words. Tamil verbs in particular are complex, with markers for tense, aspect, transitivity, person, and more. The language structures sentences in a subject-object-verb word order, which is the most common among the world’s languages but can be tricky for English speakers to adjust to. That’s why we advise you to rely on experts for your Tamil subtitling services.

Our team provides the best Tamil SRT subtitles in the industry.

We’re serious about producing high-quality Tamil subtitles. That’s why we’ve hired the best translators and subtitling experts from all across Tamil Nadu, Sri Lanka’s Northern and Eastern Provinces, and the expansive worldwide Tamil diaspora. Our Tamil subtitlers, who are native speakers of the rich Dravidian language, boast experience working on everything from action movies, TV dramas, and online comedy sketches to informative documentaries and immersive video games—so whatever your project is, we’re happy to help!

Since we’ve hired subject-matter experts in various fields, our Tamil subtitlers can even help you with technical or niche content. Truly, our Tamil subtitling team is experienced and flexible.

Your Tamil subtitling journey starts here, with a message to our team detailing your vision for your Tamil subtitles!

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