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Burmese Transcription Services


No online transcription service offers more precise or higher-quality Burmese transcripts than We boast a professional team of transcriptionists and translators who are masters at transforming speech into text. Our unparalleled expertise is what allows us to deliver extremely high-quality, accurate transcripts in the beautiful Sino-Tibetan language of Burmese.

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We Know Burmese Transcription Like No One Else

Myanmar is home to 32,910,000 native Burmese speakers. Additionally, Burmese is spoken as a second language by about 10,000,000 people, primarily ethnic minorities in Myanmar and neighboring countries like Thailand. Would you like to extend the reach of your Burmese audio or video by converting the content to writing? Our mission at is to help you do exactly that, offering professional transcripts in Burmese or translated into English. From qualitative research and search engine optimization to educational or marketing materials, the applications for our transcripts are wide-reaching.

Humans Working with Machines for the Best Burmese Transcriptions

No matter how advanced speech recognition software is, it can’t hold a candle to human transcriptionists in terms of accuracy—but it certainly is faster. While other Burmese transcription services sacrifice quality by using speech-to-text software without having humans verify it for quality, we at rely on our expert human transcriptionists ensure the utmost accuracy by signing off on all transcripts we produce. By feeding audio clips into speech recognition programs and having our transcription professionals modify the resulting transcript for accuracy, we achieve the best of both worlds.

Being experts, our transcriptionists are highly familiar with the trickier aspects of Burmese, such as sayings, slang expressions, cultural references, and irregular accents. Not only that, but they’re also well acquainted with various Burmese dialects, such as Myeik, Yaw, and Tavoyan. For ultimate precision, we can even assign a transcriptionist fluent in your dialect of choice to work on your transcript.

The Most Flexible Online Burmese Transcription Service

We’ll tailor your Burmese transcript to your specific needs. It’s up to you whether your transcript is composed in the traditional Burmese script or transliterated into the Roman alphabet. Don’t worry about the content, either—having already worked with clients spanning various fields within the academic and business worlds and beyond, we can confidently transcribe Burmese audio or video of any nature. Would you prefer to have the transcript in English? No problem, as we can translate your transcript into English, as well. Even if your audio or video file contains background noise, various speakers, or technical subject matter, we’ll handle it expertly.

Amateurs or machine transcription alone won’t deliver the high-quality Burmese transcription services you’re looking for—unless they're accompanied by highly experienced human transcriptionists who carefully check over their work, which is precisely what we offer. Customizable and confidential, the transcripts we deliver are guaranteed to fulfill your expectations. Additionally, with a range of turnaround options to suit every situation, we’ll make sure you never miss a deadline. If you’re ready to get started, all that’s left is to send us your recording.

Whether you’re sitting in your office in San Jose, San Francisco, or San Diego, and whether your audio was recorded in Yangon, Naypyidaw, Mandalay, or anywhere else, we can provide a transcription solution for you.

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