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We Provide Slovene Subtitles in SRT File Format

Opera Знімок

Show your Slovenian audience you care with professional Slovene subtitles.

English is the most-learned second language in the world. Though Mandarin is the language with the most native speakers in the world, English has the most total speakers, given its de facto status as the “universal language.” But even in European countries like Germany, Sweden, or the Netherlands, where English proficiency is high, people largely prefer content in their native language. While Slovenia also boasts a higher English proficiency rate than you may realize, Slovenians are always more comfortable with Slovenian.

It’s also important to keep in mind that not all Slovenians speak English and that some may only understand rudimentary English. So, if you’re targeting a Slovenian audience for your creative work—a movie, TV show, online video, documentary, video game, what have you—it’s worth it to get professional subtitles in Slovene. At, that’s exactly what we offer. Slovene is one of the dozens of languages we’re proud to work with, and our experienced Slovene subtitlers will provide their carefully prepared Slovene subtitles in the SRT file format, which you can add easily and conveniently to your project.

Contact us today if you’d like to see our rates for Slovene subtitling services—we provide quotes for free!

Making your work a hit in Slovenia with Slovene SRT files

Around 90% of Slovenia’s population of about 2.1 million people speak Slovene as their primary language, but the language also extends outside of the small Central European country. Native Slovene-speaking communities also exist in neighboring Italy (Friuli-Venezia Giulia) and Austria (Carinthia and Styria), pushing the total number of native Slovene speakers up to about 2.5 million. Slovene may not be a huge language, but if your target audience is in Slovenia, Slovene subtitles can be powerful.

Slovenia’s deaf and hard-of-hearing community is also sizable, and Slovene subtitles allow you to connect with this oft-overlooked demographic. Slovene speakers with hearing impairments can’t even consume Slovene-language content that doesn’t include closed captions, so they’ll certainly be grateful if you provide Slovene subtitles for them. The same goes for Slovene speakers who may want to watch your content without audio for whatever reason, so don’t underestimate the power of subtitles.

Taking an overview of the Slovene language

Slovene is related to English, even though it may not feel like it when you see or hear the language. Both come from the Indo–European language family, but while English is a heavily Romance-influenced Germanic tongue, Slovene hails from the Slavic branch. More specifically, it’s a West Slavic language, like Polish, Czech, and Slovak, but it also bears notable similarities to Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, and Montenegrin, given their shared Yugoslavian history.

Slavic languages are notorious for their grammatical complexity, and indeed, Slovene features three grammatical genders and six cases (one fewer than nearby languages like Czech or Bosnian). Slovene nouns and any accompanying adjectives are then declined according to their gender, number, and case, with dozens of inflections possible for any given word. Unlike most other Slavic languages, which only distinguish between singular and plural, Slovene has an added dual form, increasing the number of possible inflections. Verbs are no less complex—they’re marked for person and number, with four tenses, three moods, and two voices also indicated through inflection. Verbs in the language always come in pairs—one denoting a completed action and the other an ongoing action—which is a hallmark of the Slavic subfamily. With such characteristics, Slovene’s not exactly simple—so we recommend relying on our Slovene subtitling experts.

We can help you connect with Slovene speakers through our Slovene SRT subtitles.

Our Slovene subtitling team is bursting with skill, experience, and passion, and they’re ready to help you conquer the Slovene-speaking market with your content—be it an action-packed film or an informative nature documentary. Our team is diverse, with our subtitlers coming from all over Slovenia and neighboring areas of Italy and Austria, and they specialize in different types of content, giving us a wide scope of Slovene subtitling services. Thanks to the varied expertise of our subtitlers, we can even handle technical jargon in numerous fields!

When it comes to Slovene subtitles, there’s no better solution than With our subtitlers, you can rest assured that you’re receiving high-quality Slovene subtitles you can rely on in the convenient SRT format.

To get started with your Slovene subtitling project, you need only send our team a message!

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