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Montenegrin Transcription Services


At, we pride ourselves on offering transcription for smaller languages, including Montenegrin. We’re proud to have a team of seasoned professional human transcriptionists who can support your project.


Order Montenegrin transcripts today.


Reliable and Experienced Montenegrin Transcriptionists


Although Montenegrin is closely related to Serbian, those seeking to connect with Montenegrin audiences can’t simply hire a Serbian transcription service and call it a day. Montenegrin is a distinct tongue that serves as the national language of Montenegro. Between Montenegro and the large populations of speakers throughout Serbia as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina, roughly 233,000 people speak Montenegrin as a native language.


Finding transcriptionists who provide accurate and reliable Montenegrin transcripts can be difficult, but that’s what we’re here for. We support projects from documentaries to educational and promotional material with high-quality Montenegrin transcripts.


Together, Humans and Machines Produce the Best Transcripts


At, we understand that humans, not machines, are the true speakers of Montenegrin. Through years of experience, we also know that relying on transcripts produced by voice recognition software doesn't lead to the most accurate results. Such texts tend to be full of awkward errors or unreadable content. But the technology can be extremely helpful if you use it right. We do use machine assistance in our Montenegrin transcription services, but we make sure to smooth out all the inaccuracies with careful reviews from human professionals.


In particular, machines aren't good at transcribing mumbled or unclear speech, multiple speakers, or colloquial language—but that's why we have our human professionals read over the transcript while listening to the original audio, making whatever amendments are necessary. On a similar note, we also work with materials from all over the Montenegrin-speaking world, whether in the Eastern Herzegovinian or the Zeta-Raška dialect. By working with real people to create your transcripts, we ensure real quality.


Montenegrin Transcripts Customized for Your Needs


Montenegrin transcription clients have a wide variety of needs. Given that Montenegro regularly uses two writing systems, we can offer transcripts in either the Cyrillic or the Latin alphabet. If you’re looking to engage an international audience, we also provide transcripts that have been carefully translated into English by professional translators.


If you have challenging audio or video that contains technical terms, we work with a wide variety of materials and can manage files pertaining to business, law, medicine, and more. Similarly, we can work with audio of low quality or that includes unclear or overlapping voices.


If you have the choice between quality and experience or an amateur agency, then the choice is clear. At, we can support you with transcripts customized to your unique needs, created according to your schedule. When you want to get started, just send us your audio or video.


Whether your material was recorded in Podgorica, Nikšić, Belgrade, Herceg Novi, or anywhere else, we can transcribe it.


Order today.

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