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Top Transcriptionists: Markham, Ontario

We’re your one-stop shop for quality transcripts.

​Calling all Markham residents! Are you a student or professor at a Markham post-secondary institute? Are you a business professional at a top Markham company? Or maybe you’re a content creator entertaining Markham residents. No matter who you are, you can benefit from’s high-quality transcripts, available in English and more than 500 other languages. If you have an audio file, video clip, or even handwritten content, we can transcribe it.

​From the vast wilderness of Rouge National Urban Park to the lengths of Yonge Street, said to be the longest road in the world, Markham is a vibrant community with diverse transcription needs. That’s why we’ve built a flexible transcription team that can respond to diverse needs with accuracy and care. Our transcription work is 100% overseen by humans. Even if we use machine transcription as a base, we always ensure the results are carefully compared to the original audio by a human expert.

Our Markham transcription services are competitively priced. Ask about a free quote today!

Our services cover all Markham residents.

Whether you’re in Markham, Toronto, somewhere else in Ontario, or even anywhere in Canada, you can rely on us for your transcription needs. Our pinpointed transcription services ensure you receive the specialized transcription care you need to succeed.

  • Whether you attend York University, Tyndale University, or the University of Toronto, we believe you can benefit from the meticulous services of professional academic transcriptionists. We help students and faculty alike create crisp transcripts of their handwritten lecture notes or recorded conferences—always with careful attention to the technical language in the recording, thanks to our subject-matter experts.

  • Whether you run an educational podcast or create comedy videos on YouTube, professional transcription can help add value to your content. For example, closed captions are a fantastic way to broaden accessibility and extend your reach. We also offer extras like speaker identification and timestamps for free in creative transcripts.

  • Whether you speak Malay, Icelandic, or Croatian, you’re among many other Markham residents who speak a language other than English. With us, you can receive high-quality transcription services in your native language, since we offer transcripts in over 500 languages. Video subtitling services are another of our proud offerings.

  • Whether you work in pathology, emergency medicine, or internal medicine, if you’re a medical professional in Markham, you know medical transcription must be of the highest calibre. We can’t provide such specialized services ourselves, which is why we’ve partnered with a leading medical transcription company. From Old Markham Village to Raymerville, you can always turn to our partner for superb medical transcription.

  • Whether your specialty is family law or criminal law, if you’re a Markham lawyer, you know how difficult it is to find great legal transcription services. We’ve done the work for you—the best solution is our legal transcription partner. Get in touch for an introduction—our partner guarantees precision and confidentiality.

Send us your files and relax! Order now.

Are we really Markham’s best?


Our dedication to quality and flexibility has led us to compile a team of the top transcriptionists from around the world, representing various languages, dialects, and accents. Transcription isn’t the only field our team members have expertise in—with wide-ranging specialist knowledge, our transcriptionists are equipped to help everyone from psychologists to chemists to economists. And to top it off, we also hire translators and proofreaders to add even more value.


Our message to the 328,000+ people of Markham is this: don’t waste your time with amateur transcription agencies. You have the best solution right in front of you, with specialized services for all sorts of clients. With more than 500 languages available, is ready to serve you—with affordable prices that are based on audio length, not complexity.

​Let us show you the benefits of top-quality transcription—order today.

We have a secret weapon.

​If you’re not convinced yet, that’s okay—here’s where we pull out our secret weapon. Order a free transcription sample to see our work for yourself! We’re certain you’ll be as impressed by our transcriptionists as we are.

Don’t wait—jump on our free transcription sample offer today!

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