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Honolulu’s Top Transcription Company

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Here’s how you can access Hawaii’s best transcriptionists.

​As you walk along Hanauma Bay or hike through the enchanting forest at Manoa Falls, taking a break from the grind of your strenuous academic research, tireless business activities, or innovative artistic creation, you may wonder where you can access the best transcription services in Honolulu. The solution is—the leading transcription service on the web, with flexible service offerings that include foreign language transcription in more than 500 languages. We cater to audio clips, video files, and even documents written by hand—so Honolulu clients have lots of options.

​We stand out from the competition thanks to our commitment to quality. It's not that we never use speech recognition software, as the technology does have its part—it's that when you order from us, you can rest assured your transcript has been carefully analyzed and approved by an experienced human transcriptionist. No matter what your transcription needs are, we’re here to fulfill them, always to the same high standards of quality.

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Can we provide the transcription needs you’re looking for?

The best choice for residents of Honolulu seeking quality transcription services is In fact, the same is true for clients across the Hawaiian islands and even the continental United States. We’re dedicated to flexible serves that cater to a diverse portfolio of clients, from academics to business leaders to content creators.

  • Our academic transcription services are available to students and faculty alike at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, Chaminade University of Honolulu, and Hawai’i Pacific University. Since we make sure to hire transcriptionists who are qualified in various fields, you don’t have to worry about esoteric language in your recorded class lectures, conferences, and dissertation planning discussions on linguistics, biology, computer science, or anything else.

  • Our transcriptionists are proud to help artists and content creators in Honolulu bring their visions to life and spread them as widely as possible. We can assist by offering professional transcripts for your podcasts and YouTube videos, and we can expertly add closed captions to your videos. For a little extra, we can even have your transcript professionally proofread to ensure the utmost correctness.

  • Hawaii’s beautiful sun and rich Polynesian culture attract immigrants from around the world to Honolulu. Our transcriptionists hail from various backgrounds and speak more than 500 languages, so whether you need transcription in Vietnamese, Spanish, or Gujarati, we can provide it. An additional foreign-language service is video subtitles!

  • Healthcare is important—and it’s paramount that Honolulu’s medical professionals have access to the best medical transcription services around. With us, that’s exactly what you get—we’ll connect you with our medical transcription partner, who hires transcriptionists specialized in pediatrics, oncology, radiology, and more. Take advantage of top medical transcription services available from Mānoa to Kahala and far beyond.

  • We care about the vitality of the legal profession in Honolulu. Legal transcription isn’t easy—it requires a specialist who understands the technical legal jargon. Since accuracy and confidentiality are so important in legal transcription, we were careful to select the best possible partner. We’ll connect you with our legal transcription partner to fulfill your transcription needs.

  • Honolulu residents from all walks of life can expect the highest quality from us, whether they have audio or video clips or even handwritten notes.

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A highly practiced team at your disposal.

​What makes us so much better than the competition is our attention to the extra details. Our transcriptionists are skilled in more than just transcription, which ensures they can easily navigate esoteric language in technical recordings. We also hire translators and proofreaders to add extra value to our offerings, catering to our clients’ unique needs.

​We’re proud to serve the residents of Honolulu—all 341,000+ of them. We’re proud to be Hawaii’s best transcription service, accommodating the various needs of scholars, business leaders, medical professionals, lawyers, and artists. We’re proud to serve more than 500 languages, offering substantial linguistic variety. We’re also proud to use a simple pricing model that doesn’t punish clients for complex audio.

​We’re ready when you are! Place your transcription order now.

We can pass your test.

​You don’t have to dive in yet. You can put us to the test by ordering a free sample. We’re certain we’ll pass and you’ll be thrilled with the results.

​You have nothing to lose by ordering a no-obligation free sample. Try it now!

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