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Great Transcription Services in Guelph, Ontario

Take advantage of the best transcription services in Guelph.

There are many reasons why people all over Guelph, from all different backgrounds and walks of life, may require high-quality transcription services. Whether you work in academia, business, the creative industry, or somewhere else, accurate transcriptions can help you get ahead. Maybe you need transcription of your English-language audio clips—or perhaps you have footage in a different language that you’d like transcribed and translated into English. Or maybe you’re not dealing with audio at all and are rather seeking transcription for handwritten notes. Well, we at are here to serve all Guelph residents—from the majestic Basilica of Our Lady Immaculate to tranquil Riverside Park.

You may be wondering whether we use speech-to-text software in our transcription work. Indeed, this is a controversial topic, as the technology just can’t compete with the accuracy of trained human transcriptionists. However, this technology certainly has its uses, and we may use it to create a base transcript from which our trained human experts can work from. Of course, if you’d rather our human transcriptionists create your transcript from scratch, we can do that, too. Rest assured that whenever you order transcripts from us, the final product is always carefully reviewed and approved by expert humans.

If you’re ready to get started, why not order a transcript today?

We specialize in many niches—so everyone in Guelph can benefit!

No matter who you are in Guelph, we want to help you. Are you a professor, university student, or academic researcher? Perhaps you’re the CEO of a major company or an ambitious entrepreneur heading a promising startup. Or maybe you’re an online video producer or indie filmmaker. Whoever you are, and wherever you are in Guelph (or, indeed, elsewhere in Ontario, Canada, or even the world), we’re determined to help you.

  • Do you study or work at the University of Guelph (or another university in Southern Ontario)? Our team of passionate academic transcriptionists would love to help you push forward the frontiers of human knowledge. From recordings of conferences and interviews to handwritten notes from your lectures, we can transcribe just about anything in any field, since our transcriptionists are specialized in a variety of disciplines.

  • Do you create interesting and creative content for the people of Guelph and beyond? From short online sketches and indie podcasts to feature-length films and documentaries, Guelph creatives achieve great things—and our team of transcriptionists would love to help you create transcripts or subtitles. And, yes, timestamps and speaker identification tags come free of charge, helping you make the most of your transcript!

  • Roughly one in five Guelph residents speaks a native language other than English, with Punjabi, Mandarin, and Italian constituting the most common ones as of 2022. If your native language is one of these—or one of hundreds of other languages—we can still help you. Whether you want a transcript in your language or you want audio in your language converted into an English transcript, our multilingual team is ready to help.

  • Every day, Guelph medical professionals work long and hard to keep us all healthy and safe. There’s great need for transcription services within the healthcare profession, but most general transcriptionists simply don’t possess the medical know-how to work with dense materials in hematology, urology, internal medicine, and other healthcare niches. However, our medical transcription partner company can easily handle these fields and more—so reach out to us for an introduction!

  • Law is another field where hardworking Guelphites strive to make a difference—but the highly complex and technical nature of the field makes it difficult to access reliable transcription services. Not to worry—we’ve partnered with a dedicated legal transcription company to ensure that legal professionals in Guelph can reliably transcribe their recordings and notes, no matter which area of law they practice.

  • That’s just a start—anyone else is free to access our transcription services, as well! We’re open to all Guelphites, so if you have a recording or handwritten document you’d like professionally transcribed, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

All you need to do is send us your audio or video recording—we’ll handle everything else.

Quality really matters on our transcription team.

If you’re looking for the best transcription services in Guelph, you’ve found them. We’re worked hard to select the most skilled, most experienced transcriptionists from across this great city and beyond, stretching into other parts of Ontario, Canada, and the world. So, no matter what dialect or accent your recording is in—or, indeed, what language it’s in—our diverse team of experts can help. And to sweeten the deal, we can even have our professional proofreaders give your transcript a final check.

Guelph is home to more than 143,000 people who may need high-quality transcription services for their academic pursuits, professional careers, creative projects, personal endeavours, and more. We’re pleased to offer our tailored transcription services to each and every one of them, regardless of their native language, discipline, or project. And since our pricing model is transparent, you always know what you’ll be paying—no hidden fees with us.

Now’s the time to place your first transcription order!

Take us for a little test drive.

​Nervous about handing over your important documents to a team you haven’t personally vetted yet? No problem—we can start with a free sample so you can preview our work. Our free samples don’t require any commitment: it’s entirely up to you whether to proceed with a full order after you receive your sample.

Don’t wait to check out our free transcription samples here!

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