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Fresno’s Best in Audio and Video Transcription

Turn to us for high-quality transcripts in Fresno

​Fresno is truly a great city. The Forestiere Underground Gardens are a unique wonder every tourist to Fresno should experience, while Yosemite National Park shows off the natural beauty of this Californian city. Of course, Fresno is more than just beautiful nature—it’s a successful city full of academics, business leaders, artists, and others who rely on transcripts to thrive. Fresno residents may need transcription services for audio files, video footage, handwritten notes, and more, both in English and many other languages—and can handle all these needs. is all about quality. That means we rely on professional human transcriptionists to produce the accuracy you're counting on. Machine-generated transcription is a valuable tool that we may indeed use, but it's only useful when paired with an expert human transcriptionist to clean up its inaccuracies. We cover transcription in a range of fields—from academia to medicine to the creative industry—always with an unwavering promise of quality and accuracy.

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Fresno’s number one transcription agency

What makes us the go-to transcription company for the people of not only Fresno but also the entirety of California and the United States? It’s mostly a combination of our sky-high standards and our flexibility and willingness to accommodate clients’ special requests. We specialize in many types of transcription, including the below services:

  • We offer academic transcription to scholars at California State University at Fresno, Fresno City College, and California Christian College. Accuracy is at the heart of our offering, and we hire transcriptionists with expertise in many different academic fields, so you can rest assured we can effortlessly handle any technical terminology.

  • Whether it’s closed captions, YouTube video transcription, or podcast transcription, Fresno’s artists and content creators have special transcription needs. Timestamps and speaker tags—popular features for creators—come free! We can even have our in-house proofreading team review your transcript to ensure immediate publication readiness.

  • As a multicultural city, Fresno is home to speakers of many languages, from Thai to Dutch to Pashto. We believe access to reliable transcription services should be available to all Fresno residents, which is why we offer our services in as many languages as possible. Whether you want your foreign-language audio or video transcribed into the original language or translated into English, we can handle it—and we can even make subtitles for your video!

  • Reliable transcripts are crucial in medical fields like obstetrics and gynecology, urology, and oncology. Fresno’s medical practitioners, whether in Tower District, Loma Vista, or Downtown, deserve the transcript quality our partner medical transcription company offers. They hire specialists in many areas of medicine, guaranteeing accuracy for everyone.

  • Fresno’s lawyers need a trustworthy and reliable legal transcription firm for their recorded depositions, sworn testimonies, or court proceedings—and that’s exactly what our partner company offers. We’ll get you set up with our top-notch partners, who are sworn to secrecy with every order.

  • Of course, you don’t need to fall into a specific category. No matter who you are in Fresno, we’d love to help you transcribe your audio, video, or handwritten material.

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We’re confident in our team for a reason.

​We scour the world for the best transcription talent, offering only the top transcriptionists a slot on our team. The transcriptionists we work with are experienced professionals who have worked on many types of projects and who boast specialized expertise that allows them to effortlessly transcribe difficult subject matter. They’ve passed the strict transcription tests we administer, proving their competency and earning themselves a spot on our team.

​We want to help everyone in Fresno who needs transcription services. With a population of around 530,000, Fresno has quite a few people—but we’re an ambitious and passionate transcription agency. Our flexibility opens us up to work in over 500 languages, regardless of the field or content. With our transparent pricing model, you won’t have to worry about hidden fees either.

​Our team can’t wait to get started. Why not order a transcript now?

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​Committing to a transcription order can be a big deal. We take some of the stress off your shoulders by offering a free, no-obligation sample. Take a look at what we can do so you have peace of mind about our transcription work.

There’s no time like the present to try out our transcription services.

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