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The Best Audio and Video Transcription Services in Berkeley

If you’re looking for highly skilled transcriptionists, stop right here.

Online transcription services are all over the web. But one,, leads the way in English and foreign language transcription services. We have a solid clientele in Berkeley with a broad range of needs, from academia to the business world. If you’re a student from the University of California Berkeley or a researcher at the Berkeley History Center, we can create high-quality transcripts of your audio, video, and handwritten content.

In our digital world, it might be tempting to use speech-to-text software to create a transcript. But if you’ve ever looked at automated closed captioning on your TV, you’ve seen the kind of mistakes it can create, so you’re more than likely to want the human touch. Of course, machine transcription can be reliable when human experts review the results, which is the approach we like to take. That’s where our transcriptionists come in. They’re people with experience, knowledge, specialized training, and human intuition who can take a focus group video or podcast audio and deliver precise, professional transcripts.

Start today and order transcription.

Here’s why we’re so confident we can serve your needs.

Each of our transcriptionists has particular areas of interest, whether math, science, history, or one of many other disciplines. For you, that means we can match your particular project to the person best suited to your material. Here are a few examples:


  • Are you studying or working at UC Berkeley and need academic transcription for recorded lectures, discussions, or conferences? Contact us to work with a transcriptionist who has a background in your field.


  • Are you a content creator in the Athens of the West who requires timestamps or captions for a video? A member of our great team can do that, and we throw in speaker identification at no additional charge.



  • Are you a member of the healthcare field who needs medical transcription? No matter your specialty, from pediatrics to oncology, our professional partner can help you. Their expert medical transcriptionists have worked with myriad health professionals in Berkeley.


  • Are you in the legal field? Optimum transcription is critical in law, allowing you to create a written record of everything from depositions to client interviews. We have partnered with a certified legal transcription company who can meet the high demands of every aspect of the legal profession.


  • Aside from all of the above, are you someone with recorded content—perhaps an audio interview with a family patriarch or a handwritten history—that you’d like transcribed into a first draft? We’d love to do that for you.

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A final word about what makes us the best

Our professional team of transcriptionists, editors, and translators pride themselves on their expertise and ability. We assign every project, whether it’s in the field of history, language, or anthropology, to a transcriptionist familiar with that area.

With more than 121,000 residents, from students and professors to content creators and business owners, Berkeley needs professional transcription services. We have a price model that isn’t complicated, and we don’t charge extra for complex audio. Our goal is to deliver high-quality transcripts at reasonable prices.


It all starts with a free sample of our work.

We’re so confident in our ability to produce great results that we offer a free sample on request. You’re just a click away from seeing us put our words into action.

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