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Anchorage, Alaska: Great Audio and Video Transcriptionists

Discover the best Alaska has to offer in transcription services.

​Finding the right transcription service doesn’t have to be hard—in fact, you’ve just done it! If you need transcription services in Anchorage, you can turn to We’re industry leaders with a cutting-edge team and a huge variety of specialized transcription services. Need transcription in a non-English language? We can do that! Want text-to-text transcription services for handwritten notes? No problem!

We believe Anchorage residents deserve the highest-quality transcription services possible—and we provide them. We’re passionate about working with people from Anchorage. We love hiking through Chugach State Park and exploring indigenous culture at the Alaska Native Heritage Center. We proudly rely on human transcriptionists to ensure accuracy, even when we use machine transcription as a base, so you can always be sure you’re getting reliable results.

​Let us help you reach your goals—order professional transcription today.

Wowing Anchorage clients with quality and flexibility.

​Clients from all over Anchorage—and Alaska, and even the United States, for that matter—are always impressed by our careful attention to detail, even in complicated or technical transcripts. This is precisely what makes us the best choice for clients from all sorts of backgrounds.

  • Anchorage students and professors can benefit from academic transcripts—of their lecture notes, perhaps, or conference recordings—whether they’re at the University of Alaska at Anchorage, Alaska Pacific University, or Alaska Bible College. Don’t worry about technical jargon—we specifically hire experts in various fields to ensure quality and accuracy.

  • The creatives and artists living in Anchorage may like to take advantage of our entertainment transcription services, which include closed captions for videos. Of course, we can also transcribe videos and podcasts, and we’ll even identify the speakers and add timestamps as a free bonus. Finally, if you want to make sure your transcript is professionally polished, for a little extra, we’ll also have our proofreading team look it over.

  • Non-native English speakers in Anchorage don’t deserve to be left behind. Our transcription services are as inclusive as possible and are available to speakers of more than 500 foreign languages. That includes widely spoken languages, like French and German, as well as less widely spoken ones like, Slovak and even Navajo. Don’t overlook our video subtitling services, either—they’re a fantastic way to boost your viewership!

  • Medical professionals in Anchorage work hard to keep patients healthy—whether they specialize in emergency medicine, pathology, or radiology. Similarly, the transcriptionists at our partner medical transcription firm work hard to provide reliable, high-quality transcripts to healthcare workers from Downtown Anchorage to Eagle River. Contact us for an introduction!

  • Anchorage’s legal professionals need high-quality transcription services as much as anyone—but it can be a challenge to find a good provider, considering the legal expertise needed to craft reliable legal transcripts. We have the solution: our partner, a legal transcription company. If you’re looking for quality and confidentiality, they’re your best bet.

  • Other people in Anchorage may also have pertinent transcription needs—and we’re ready to help. Send us your audio clip, video footage, or handwritten document when you’re ready!

​We can get started immediately if you order transcription services now.

Have the industry’s top transcriptionists working for you.

​In recruiting candidates for our transcription team, we’ve been careful to select the best in the transcription industry. We’ve also made it a point to target flexibility by hiring transcriptionists familiar with different accents, dialects, and, of course, languages. It’s also important that our transcriptionists know additional fields outside of transcription so that they can handle esoteric terms—and we’ve found experts in all sorts of disciplines.

​Anchorage, are you ready for the best transcription services you’ve ever experienced? Our team stands ready to work with all 287,000+ of Anchorage’s business leaders, professors, content creators, and others who need reliable transcripts of their audio, video, or handwriting. With more than 500 languages, our services are maximally accessible, and, with a fair and transparent pricing model that keeps the price consistent regardless of audio quality, we’re easily the best transcription option in Anchorage.

​Experience the difference—order now!

Try a free sample before going further.

​If you have enough time, why not order a free transcription sample to ensure we can provide the transcription quality you’re looking for? Our transcriptionists are eager to show off their skills—we’re sure you’ll be impressed.

Place an order for our free transcription sample offer.

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