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Zulu Transcription Services

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South Africa is famous for its multilingualism, with the country recognizing 12 different official languages. Although English is typically used in media and governmental matters, there’s no single dominant language in South Africa, with the population divided across several different tongues. The biggest native language in South Africa is Zulu, which is spoken by about 22% of the country as a first language. At, we’re proud to support Zulu speakers with first-class transcription services.

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Bringing the Best Zulu Transcription Services to Your Fingertips

As the biggest native language in South Africa, Zulu boasts about 12 million native speakers, as well as an additional 16 million non-native speakers, primarily in the states of KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga, as well as the independent country of Lesotho, an enclave of South Africa. Zulu comes from the Bantu subfamily of languages, which accounts for most languages throughout central and southern Africa, and constitutes the second-largest language of the family, coming in second to Swahili. It’s closely related to neighboring languages in South Africa, such as Xhosa and Northern Ndebele (isiNdebele).

If you thought the grammatical gender system in languages like French, German, or Russian were a lot to handle, it’s no match for Bantu languages. Zulu features a whopping 16 noun classes that are largely divided semantically. Some of the classes are the plural forms of other classes. A noun’s class determines its grammar, with each class featuring its own prefixes that are appended to adjectives, demonstratives, and verbs that modify the noun. But you don’t have to worry about mastering Zulu’s tricky grammar—our native-speaking Zulu transcriptionists have already done that. They’ll seamlessly transcribe your Zulu audio or video clips, delivering your transcript either in Zulu or translated into English. It’s your choice

Providing Better Zulu Transcripts with the Power of Technology

At, we’ve been keeping our eye on the rapid advancement of technology in the transcription space. We’re not worried about machines replacing us—the software simply isn’t accurate enough to work as a standalone solution for transcripts where quality and accuracy really matters. But these programs are great tools for our professional human Zulu transcriptionists, as they allow us to produce transcripts much more quickly without sacrificing the quality and accuracy we’re known for.

Anytime we use automated transcription technology for our Zulu transcripts, we make sure our trained human transcriptionists carefully scrutinize the output to ensure it’s error free. Our Zulu transcription experts listen to your audio or video recording as they read along with the automatically generated transcript, making corrections wherever necessary. Thanks to our rigorous quality-assurance process, you can rest assured that all transcripts we deliver have been approved by expert human transcriptionists. We do also craft transcripts from scratch, however, should you prefer that.

Flexible Zulu Transcription Services to Fit Any Needs

We’ve hired Zulu transcription experts from all across South Africa and Lesotho, with different team members specializing in different types of transcription. So, whether you’re looking for academic transcription, business transcription, or transcription for creative projects, we’re committed to bringing you tailored Zulu transcription services that home in on your specific needs. We work with all sorts of content, including technical subject matter—if you’d like to work with a transcriptionist who’s an expert in a particular field, simply let us know.

Since our Zulu transcriptionists are seasoned experts, they can easily navigate challenges that may trip up amateur transcriptionists, such as low-quality audio with a lot of background noise or multiple people talking over one another. Our experts are also well versed in dealing with different dialects, unclear enunciation, and slang terms. So, no matter what your Zulu audio or video recording entails, you know you’re getting the best with our team. Send us your clips, whether you’re in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Mbombela, Maseru, Teyateyaneng, or somewhere else in South Africa, Lesotho, or the world. We’ll help you with your Zulu transcription needs.

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