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Xhosa Transcription Services

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The world is full of unique languages—some 7,000 of them to be precise. But Xhosa stands out as one of the more distinctive languages in the world. As the second-most widely spoken language in South Africa, Xhosa is one of the most influential Bantu languages, but what makes it special is its heavy use of click consonants, as it is tied with the Yeyi language of Botswana and Namibia for the heaviest functional load of click consonants in a Bantu language. If you need someone to transcribe all the clicks (and other phonemes) in your Xhosa audio or video recordings, we here at are your team.

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We Make Xhosa Transcription More Accessible Than Ever

Approximately 8 million people, primarily in South Africa, Lesotho, and Zimbabwe, speak Xhosa as a native language, with another 11 million or so people picking it up as a second language. Xhosa speakers can be found throughout the south-central parts of South Africa, specifically in the provinces of Eastern Cape, Western Cape, Northern Cape, and Gauteng. It belongs to the Nguni branch of Bantu languages, bearing a close relationship to nearby indigenous languages like Zulu, Southern Ndebele, and Northern Ndebele.

Like other Bantu languages, Xhosa divides nouns into classes, akin to the gender system of languages like French or Spanish—except that Xhosa has far more classes. These classes have a huge grammatical impact on the construction of a sentence, with prefixes or infixes appended to adjectives, verbs, and demonstratives to show their relation to the respective noun. The Bantu noun class system can feel intimidating for learners, but that doesn’t apply to our Xhosa transcriptionists, who are proud native speakers of the Xhosa language. This allows them to seamlessly transcribe (or even translate into English) your Xhosa audio or video clips.

Generating Better Xhosa Transcriptions With the Help of Technology

​It’s true that speech-to-text programs can’t rival human transcriptionists in terms of accuracy. If you’re looking for serious quality and precision, you always need to work with a trained human transcriptionist, whether you’re transcribing Xhosa or any other language. But automated transcription programs can work much more quickly than human transcriptionists, generating base transcripts in a matter of seconds. When our human Xhosa transcriptionists work together with transcription technology, we can increase our speed without sacrificing the precision we’re known for.

Since there are fewer resources for Xhosa than for languages like English, French, Portuguese, or even Swahili, Xhosa transcription technology is sometimes prone to generating a lot of inaccuracies. That’s why it’s so crucial to work with human experts like ours to ensure quality and precision in your Xhosa transcripts. Our Xhosa transcriptionists go over all transcripts we generate with an eagle eye, rectifying any errors they find. We promise the same great quality whether we use technological assistance in your transcript or not—the choice is yours!

Limitless Customization in Your Xhosa Transcription Services

Xhosa transcription clients come to us from all over South Africa and the world, looking for reliable Xhosa transcription services for a variety of diverse needs. While some operate in academic or corporate contexts, others are coming to us from the creative or artistic world—and we aim to serve each Xhosa transcription client to the best of our ability. Our well-rounded team full of specialists in different types of transcription services is capable of catering to a variety of Xhosa dialects, making us the ultimate Xhosa transcription solution. We even work with technical content, as many of our transcriptionists are well versed in various other fields.

Worried about the quality of your Xhosa audio or video clip? Don’t be. Our Xhosa transcription experts are trained to navigate a wide range of audio problems, including background noise, slurred speech, multiple speakers, and slang expressions. Technical jargon is fine, as are dialects—just let us know so we can match you with the right team member. We can also translate your transcript into English if you so desire. Indeed, we’re committed to bringing high-quality Xhosa transcription services to the people of Gqeberha (Port Elizabeth), Bhisho, Cape Town, Kimberley, Johannesburg, East London, or anywhere else in South Africa—or the world!

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