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Yakut Transcription Services

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Russian isn’t native to most of Russia. While it’s spoken all over the country, minorities in most areas of Russia speak other languages—the indigenous languages of the land—as their native tongues. While many indigenous languages in Russia are endangered, some maintain a healthy speaker base and continue to be passed down through the generations, such as Yakut, also known as Sakha. And for anyone who’s looking for Yakut transcription services, we at have you covered.

Here’s your chance to order Yakut transcription services.

Let Us Take Care of All Your Yakut Transcription Needs

Proudly boasting roughly 450,000 native speakers, Yakut is the national language of the Republic of Sakha, alternatively called Yakutia. Found in Russia’s Far East federal district, Sakha is the largest country subdivision in the world and is home to Yakutsk, the world’s coldest major city. Most ethnic Yakuts, Evenks, and Evens—who together comprise the majority of Sakha’s population—speak Yakut as their native language.

Yakut is the easternmost member of the expansive Turkic language family, which also features languages like Turkish, Azerbaijani, Kazakh, and Tatar, Russia’s biggest indigenous language. Like other Turkic languages, Yakut sentences are constructed in a subject-object-verb word order, and the language employs a number of noun cases to indicate the grammatical relationships of words in a sentence. Yakut also distinguishes third-person pronouns not by gender, as in English, but by animacy, with separate pronouns for human and non-human referents. Because of these conventions, Yakut can be a tricky language, but that’s not something you have to worry about with our native-speaking Yakut transcriptionists, who are experienced in all the intricate nuances of the unique Turkic tongue.

Working With Technology for the Best Transcription Services

​As professional transcriptionists, we’re excited about the potential of transcription technology. Speech-to-text software simply can’t produce transcripts at the same level as trained humans—human transcriptionists are always more accurate. But speech-recognition programs are superior to humans in speed, and combining the strengths of humans and machines can make for a faster, more streamlined transcription process without compromising on quality. Whenever we use these tools in our work, we always ensure that our expert human transcriptionists carefully check over the full transcript for any inaccuracies, meticulously correcting all that they find.

Since Yakut is an endangered minority language in Russia, it doesn’t have the same number of resources as bigger languages, like Russian, Turkish, or Mongolian. This limits the ability of AI algorithms to provide accurate transcripts of Yakut-language audio and video recordings, which makes the expertise of our human Yakut transcriptionists all the more important. Quality is our top mission, and we guarantee accuracy whether we use technological assistance in our work or not. But if you’d rather we generate your transcript fully from scratch, we can do that, too.

Yakut Transcription Services With Full Customization

​We make your Yakut transcript the way you want. We recognize that each client has their own unique circumstances and that each Yakut transcription project calls for a different transcription approach. That is why we’ve hired such a diverse team of native-speaking Yakut transcriptionists. Our team covers a wide range of Yakut dialects and transcription specialties, allowing us to cater to academic clients, business clients, and creative clients alike. We can even help clients with technical documents, thanks to our roster of subject-matter experts in a variety of subjects.

If your Yakut audio or video clip doesn’t have the greatest audio quality, that’s okay, too. We can handle poor audio quality, multiple speakers, slurred speech, colloquial expressions, noisy backgrounds, and all sorts of other problems that could trip up amateur transcriptionists. No matter your needs, we’ll match you up with the best Yakut transcriptionist on our team for your project. So, all you need to do is send us your Yakut recording from Yakutsk, Neryungri, Mirny, Aldan, Lensk, Aykhal, or another location in Sakha, Russia, or the entire world!

Put our team to work today with a Yakut transcription order!

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