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Mongolian Transcription Services


Are you looking to make your Mongolian content available to a wider audience? At, our top-level language professionals know the ins and outs of producing accurate transcripts to meet your needs.


Jumpstart your project today. Order Mongolian transcription services.


The Most Reliable Mongolian Transcriptionists


Mongolian is the native language of more than 5 million people throughout Mongolia and Inner Mongolia in North China. Although some agencies don’t provide Mongolian transcription services, we do, and with, you can make your content more accessible to Mongolian speakers or an international audience.


We understand the difficulties of rendering Mongolian speech into text: We’re experts at doing it and can even translate it into English for you. Moreover, we work with clients from a range of industries, so if you’re trying to improve your SEO, subtitle a documentary, or meet any other goal, we can support your project.


Trusting Human Intuition for Accurate Mongolian Transcripts


Transcription is a difficult process, and it’s even more challenging with a language like Mongolian. Speech-to-text software struggles to translate the unique East Asian language, highlighting the importance of relying on human expertise. However, speech recognition software isn't all bad—in fact, it's a great tool for skilled transcriptionists to make their work more efficient. At, we may use these programs but only under the stringent oversight of our experienced human Mongolian transcriptionists.


Our Mongolian language experts are familiar with various dialects and Mongolic languages in Mongolia and Inner Mongolia, from Oirat to Buryat, Ordos, Khalka, and more. By using human transcriptionists, we ensure the quality and accuracy of your transcripts.


Providing You with Customizable Mongolian Transcripts


Does your transcription project have specific needs? Are you working in a specialized field? Do you need to have your transcripts produced a certain way? offers numerous options to fit your needs. We provide Mongolian transcripts in the Cyrillic alphabet or the traditional Mongolian script. We also offer English translation services. Whether you’re working on market research or an academic lecture, we can help you.


We have the experience and background to provide you with the best, and our transcripts reflect that. We happily work with material that includes colloquial and muddled speech or technical terminology. That’s why you can rely on for accuracy and confidentially. So why use anything but the best?


Work with us from anywhere in the world. Whether your audio is from Ulaanbaatar, Hohhot, Erdenet, or elsewhere, obtaining top-level transcripts is as simple as sending us your files.


Order today.

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