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Sindhi Transcription Services


South Asia is a region of great linguistic diversity, even if many of the rich languages of the area are overshadowed by major tongues like Hindi and Urdu. All throughout countries like Pakistan and India, you’ll find many different languages spoken natively, often by large and vigorous communities. Sindhi fits this description—it’s a major language in Pakistan, the third-biggest by number of native speakers, making it an influential language in the South Asian nation. At, we’re excited to introduce our new transcription services for Sindhi.

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Count On Us for the Best Sindhi Transcription Services on the Internet

Sindhi is the native language of an estimated 32 million people, which makes it a pretty major language—but in heavily populated and highly linguistically diverse countries like Pakistan and India, it easily becomes overshadowed by languages like Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, or Pashto. Spoken by around 14% of Pakistan’s population, Sindhi is the third-largest native language in the country, native to the southeastern province of Sindh. Another 1.7 million or so native Sindhi speakers can be found across the border in India, which has designated it as one of its 22 “scheduled languages.”

You’d probably never guess if you heard Sindhi, but it’s actually related to English. It’s also related to other major languages of India and Pakistan, such as Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, and Pashto, because they all hail from the Indo–European language family. Sindhi features two grammatical genders and five noun cases, making it an inflection-heavy language that has to juggle the grammatical intersection of these genders and cases. Also, unlike English, which uses prepositions, Sindhi uses postpositions—these serve the same semantical purpose but come after rather than before the noun. You don’t have to worry about these grammatical complications of Sindhi, though, because our transcriptionists are native speakers who can skillfully provide transcripts in Sindhi or translated into English—depending on your wishes.

Our Transcriptionists Partner With Technology for Better Sindhi Transcripts

Emerging speech-recognition technology can be a great help in our Sindhi transcription services. Yes, such software is prone to producing a lot of errors that human transcriptionists wouldn’t make, which is why it’s not viable to use such programs on their own if you’re looking for a high-quality transcript. But for our trained human transcriptionists, this technology represents a wonderful opportunity to produce great transcripts faster, providing more value to our clients from across Pakistan, India, and the world.

Don’t worry—even if we use speech-recognition technology, we never lower our standards of quality. We take the rudimentary transcript the program outputs and have our human transcription experts go over it with a fine-toothed comb, fixing it up and polishing it until it accurately represents your original Sindhi recording. We offer both this post-machine transcription editing model and a 100% human-generated model—so just take your pick!

Sindhi Transcription Services Your Way—Just Tell Us What You Want

​Our Sindhi transcription clients come from all over the world, representing all sorts of different fields and looking for help with all sorts of projects. We’ve built a team to help clients from the diverse worlds of academia, business, entertainment, and beyond, with specialist Sindhi transcriptionists boasting the experience to assist every type of client. We work with various Sindhi dialects and can accommodate subject matters from various fields thanks to our highly diverse Sindhi transcription team.

Since our Sindhi transcriptionists are vastly experienced, it’s also easy for them to navigate obstacles that may stump amateur transcriptionists, such as slurred speech, multiple speakers, heavy background noise, or poor audio quality. If your Sindhi recording contains these or other issues, don’t worry—you’re working with experienced professionals who know how to deliver a high-quality transcript no matter the circumstances. So, wherever you or your recordings are from—be it Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Larkana, Nawabshah, Kotri, Mirpur Khas, Kutch, Balochistan, or somewhere else in South Asia or the wider world—just send your files our way. We’re eager to help with your Sindhi transcription needs.

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