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Providing Romanian Subtitling Services with SRT Files

Opera Знімок

Our Romanian subtitles allow you to connect with an entirely new audience.

A lot of people around the world speak English—it has more speakers than any other language in the world, with the majority of English speakers having learned it as a second language. But that certainly doesn’t mean that everyone speaks English—in fact, only around 17% of the worldwide population has a grasp on the so-called universal language. So, while your online video, documentary, film, video game, commercial, product demo, or other content can reach a huge audience with English alone, you can expand your audience significantly if you add subtitles in other languages, such as Romanian.

At, we’re all about improving the accessibility of video content through professionally crafted SRT subtitles. We work with dozens of languages around the world, including Romanian. So, if you’re looking for Romanian subtitling services, we’re the team for you! We start the job by faithfully translating your script from English to Romanian, taking care to ensure smooth conversion of all the subtle nuances—and then we turn them into SRT files that you can easily add to your content to display Romanian subtitles. If you want to engage a Romanian-speaking audience, this is the perfect way to do so.

If you’re interested in a quote for our Romanian subtitling services, request one for free today!

Looking at the ways professional Romanian subtitles can benefit your project

There are around 28 million Romanian speakers around the world—about 24 million of them speak Romanian as their native language, with the remaining 4 million having learned it as a second language. Romanian is the primary language of more than 91% of Romanians, with the country’s considerable Hungarian minority dragging the figure down a bit, but more native Romanian speakers can be found in neighboring Moldova, where more than 62% of inhabitants use Romanian as their first language.

Don’t forget about the hard-of-hearing community either! Across Romania and Moldova live hundreds of thousands of Romanian speakers who can’t enjoy movies, TV shows, games, or other entertainment content without subtitles, so if you add Romanian SRT subtitles to your work, you open it up to the Romanian hard-of-hearing community. Many Romanian speakers without hearing impairment may watch your content without sound too—while in a public location, for example—so Romanian subtitles can add a lot more value than you might have initially thought.

Romanian: Eastern Europe’s Romance language

Western Europe is the homeland of most major Romance languages: French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. But Romanian, spoken in the Eastern European nations of Romania and Moldova, is an important outlier. Although it’s been heavily influenced by Slavic vocabulary and grammar, Romanian’s roots make it dissimilar to the many languages that surround it, such as Hungarian, Ukrainian, Russian, Serbian, and Bulgarian.

Isolated from most other Romance languages and surrounded by Slavic languages and the Uralic Hungarian, Romanian is distinct from French, Spanish, and the other Romance languages we all know. Whereas most other Romance languages have entirely lost the case system of Latin, Romanian still uses three noun cases and has also preserved all three genders from Latin (masculine, feminine, and neuter). What Romanian does have in common with other Romance languages is its complicated verbal morphology, with verbs marked for person, number, tense, mood, and voice. It’s a complicated language that requires professionals to craft reliable subtitles for.

Our subtitling experts can help you make a splash in the Romanian market.

With professional Romanian subtitles in the form of SRT files carefully prepared by our expert Romanian subtitling team, you’ll be well positioned to make your content a hit in Romania and Moldova. Our Romanian subtitlers are native speakers of the language, hailing from all over Romania and Moldova, which means we can tailor our subtitles to either standard of the language. No matter the type, genre, and subject matter of your creation, thanks to the vast diversity of experience and skills on our team, we have the right Romanian subtitling expert for you.

When you order Romanian subtitling services from us, you can bank on quality. You’ll receive SRT files that you can easily embed into your content, and just like that, you’re ready to engage the vast Romanian-speaking audience.

Don’t wait any longer to optimize your content for Romanian speakers. Get started today by sending a quick message to our team!

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