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Quebec City: Video and Audio Transcriptionists

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Don’t pass up the opportunity for top-notch transcription.

​If you’re in Quebec City and are looking for the best in transcription services, you’re in luck. Here at, we create true value for our clients, whether they hail from the research world, the business sector, or the legal field. We understand the importance of accurate, reliable transcripts for Quebec City clients, which is why we work so hard to produce the best-quality transcripts of audio and video clips as well as handwritten notes. Our transcription services are available in English, French, and more than 500 other languages—so what are you waiting for?

​With, you always have real, living, breathing human professionals working on your transcript—whether they're creating it from scratch or revising the base transcript generated by a speech-to-text program. Our human transcriptionists take great pride in their work and channel their admiration of Château Frontenac, Montmorency Falls, and the cobblestone streets of Old Quebec into their work for Quebec City clients. We promise quality and accuracy every time.

​We’re open to orders for transcription anytime.

All sorts of transcription services

The many people of Quebec City—and Quebec and Canada at large—have diverse transcription needs. In recognition of this, we’ve built up a diverse transcription team with professionals of different specialties and background expertise. That means we can serve nearly anyone who needs transcription services.

  • Are you affiliated with Laval University, TÉLUQ University, or Institut national de la recherche scientifique? If so, you can count on our academic transcriptionists to deliver the transcripts you need, whether for your recorded lectures, conferences, or dissertation discussions. We carefully select a transcriptionist from our vast network of professionals to ensure maximum suitability to your subject matter.

  • Quebec City is a creative city, and there is no shortage of content creators. We’re proud to assist creatives in their endeavour to entertain Quebec, helping by adding free speaker identification tags and timestamps to video and podcast transcripts. Closed captions make up another of our special offerings for creatives. If you want, we can even pass your transcript over to our proofreading team to polish it before delivery.

  • Quebec City is a proudly francophone city, and we proudly offer French as one of our many transcription languages. But that’s not all—we work with over 500 other languages as well. Quebec City residents who speak everything from Korean to Telugu to Montenegrin can enjoy our high-quality transcription services. Many clients also make use of our video subtitles service for a broader reach as well.

  • Whether you’re in historical Old Quebec or Saint-Roch, high-quality healthcare is important, and Quebec City’s medical professionals work tirelessly to deliver it. To help them, we’ve partnered with a medical transcription agency that specializes in many medical subfields, including surgery, hematology, or neurology. This allows us to offer transcription services to Quebec’s healthcare field with ease and confidence.

  • Those in the legal field require the utmost precision in their transcripts. They need transcriptionists with deep knowledge of legal jargon and their particular area of the law. To provide this high level of accuracy, we’ve partnered with a top legal transcription firm with a strong dedication to confidentiality. Our partners have your back.

  • Whether it’s an audio clip, a video file, or a handwritten memo, we can help you transcribe it. No matter what the content is, you can rely on us.

All that’s left to do now is submit an order for your first transcript.

A fantastic team for Quebec City clients

Quebec City residents deserve only the best. That’s why we’ve purposefully built our team with only the most skilled transcriptionists from around the world, many of whom possess expertise in myriad other fields. We want academics, business professionals, lawyers, doctors, creative content producers, and anyone else in Quebec City to feel confident in our transcription skills and our dedication to quality.

With around 530,000 residents, Quebec City is big. But we’re not about to shy away from offering our transcription services to this big city—we know we have the skills and flexibility to accommodate clients from all over Quebec City. With a simple pricing model that never increases for complex audio, we’re a transparent transcription service you can rely on.

Take the first step for free

If you were buying a car, you’d want to test drive it first. Well, the same is true for transcription services. Request a no-obligation free sample today, and we’ll show you precisely why we’re Quebec City’s go-to transcription service.

Contact us today to order a free sample.

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