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Quality Transcription Services in Omaha, Nebraska

We lead the way in Omaha transcription services.

​Whether it’s the Lauritzen Gardens or the Joslyn Art Museum, there are lots of reasons to love Omaha. We at certainly do. That admiration carries over into our work, with extra passion for Omaha clients. So, if you’re in Omaha—whether you speak English or one of over 500 other languages—you can turn to our team for quality transcripts. We love helping Omaha residents transcribe their audio clips, video files, handwritten documents, and more, whether they’re scholarly, corporate, creative, or personal in nature.

​We believe in the human touch. That’s why, when you order transcription from us, you can rest assured that a foremost human transcription expert has carefully pored over your transcript and verified its accuracy. We care about quality, so when we do use speech-to-text software, it's only to make the process more efficient—you'll never receive a transcript from us that hasn't been approved by our professional transcriptionists. We’re careful to hire only the best transcriptionists, so you can always trust in their work.

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There’s a service for everyone at

Whether you’re from Omaha, another city in Nebraska, or another state in the US, we’re confident we can help you with your transcription needs. We purposely hire transcriptionists from different disciplines and specialties to ensure maximum flexibility, allowing us to serve as many people as possible.

  • Our academic transcription team proudly works with scholars at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, Creighton University, and Bellevue University to produce top-level academic transcripts. Our service provides you with crisp, clean transcripts of your recorded lectures and conferences, with our specialized transcriptionists leveraging their expertise in your field to tackle any technical language.

  • We’re also eager to help Omaha artists and content creators with their YouTube videos, podcasts, marketing materials, and more. If you need features like timestamps or identification for each speaker, we offer those for free. If you’d like your video captioned, we can offer that as a specialized service. Finally, if you want to publish your transcript immediately, you can have our proofreading team edit it to ensure grammatical correctness.

  • English may be the primary language in Omaha, but it’s far from the only one. Many Omaha residents speak other languages—be they Sinhala, Czech, or Malagasy—and our transcription team can help them just as readily as English native speakers. We offer foreign-language transcription, translation, and subtitling services in more than 500 languages, so Omaha’s foreign language speakers are in good hands with us.

  • From Downtown to the Old Market, Omaha’s medical professionals work hard to keep the city safe. Reliable transcription services is a must-have in medicine—you need medical transcriptionists you can rely on in pathology, emergency medicine, internal medicine, and other specialties. With our partner medical transcription company, you have just that—let us connect you.

  • Those who practice the law in Omaha expect only the best from their transcriptionists. Unfortunately, the esoteric nature of law restricts quality legal transcription to extremely specialized transcriptionists. You can find such specialized transcriptionists at our legal transcription partner company, along with a guarantee of uncompromising confidentiality.

  • For any other audio, video, or handwritten note transcription needs, Omaha residents can look to us. Let us help!

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A transcription team jam packed with skills and expertise.

​Rising to the top in the transcription industry isn’t easy, but it’s a feat all our transcriptionists can boast. No matter their language, they’re experts in their field, with many of them also deeply familiar with supplementary fields. This allows us to smoothly tackle technical subject matter in fields like engineering, sociology, and physics.

​The population of Omaha is roughly 478,000, which is a lot of people who need high-quality transcription services. Omaha is filled with ambitious businesspeople, content creators, academics, and others who want our professional transcripts to move forward, and we’re prepared to provide our services to every Omaha resident who requests them. Ordering from us is quick and easy, and our simple pricing model eliminates any hidden fees.

​We’re ready to serve Omaha residents—order your first transcript now.

A free sample for Omaha customers

​Why don’t you try out a free sample before placing an order? You’re under no obligation to place a paid order, so you have nothing to lose. We’re eager to show off our work for free—we’re sure you’ll love it.

Our transcriptionists are eager to show you their skills—request a free sample now.

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