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Malagasy Transcription Services


Seeking to expand the reach of your audio or video material? Our team of Malagasy translators and transcriptionists are seasoned experts, ready to take on your transcription projects. We provide high-quality transcripts in either Malagasy or English.


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Malagasy Transcripts Created by Experts


Malagasy has more than 25 million speakers throughout Madagascar and Comoros, making it one of the most widely spoken languages in East Africa. It’s the national language of Madagascar and the mother tongue for most of the country’s population.


With expertly produced transcripts, you can reach a wide audience via text in either Malagasy or English. Our transcriptionists work with a wide array of materials for a variety of clients, so we can help with your transcription project whether you’re doing research, expanding your marketing efforts, working in entertainment, or hoping to make a service available globally.


Transcripts Guaranteed for Accuracy by Our Skilled Team


While voice recognition technology has made great strides, it’s no substitute for experienced human transcriptionists. Software can be helpful, but it can also produce errors that downgrade the quality of your transcript and leave it unfit for publication in corporate, academic, or literary contexts. However, machine transcription is a fantastic tool if you then give the output to an experienced human transcriptionist who can compare the automated output to the original recording and make any modifications needs. Then, you end up with a reliable transcript generated faster than if a human created it from scratch. That's why we like this method.


At, we work with experienced human transcriptionists who may use speech recognition software as a tool. This way, we can easily ensure that technical terms and colloquial speech are transcribed accurately. With a language with as much dialect variation as Malagasy, human transcription is key to producing ready-to-read transcripts.


Malagasy Transcription to Fit Your Schedule


At, we understand that all our clients have different needs. That’s why we customize our transcripts for each project. In addition to formatting, you can choose to have your transcript rendered in either Malagasy or English. With our team of experienced transcriptionists, we can tackle files containing specialized topics or unclear or overlapping speech. We offer Malagasy transcription services for business, academia, and entertainment.


Our goal is to provide you with the highest-quality transcription services possible. You will receive nothing less than accurate, professionally made transcripts tailored to your needs. After you send us your files, you can relax, because we’ll take care of the rest.


Whether you’re based in Paris or Saint Denis de la Réunion, with audio recorded in Antananarivo, Toamasina, Antsirabe, or anywhere else, we’re excited to work with you.


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