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Enjoy Oakland’s Best Transcription Services

We offer the best transcription services in all of Oakland.

​That’s right—if you’re in Oakland, California, your best bet for high-quality transcription services is We lead the online transcription industry in both English and foreign language transcription, catering to clients from all over Oakland. So, whether you’re a university professor residing near Tilden Regional Park or a content creator living with an unbeatable view of Angel Island, you can count on to provide a high-quality transcript. Send your audio recordings, video clips, and even handwritten content our way—we can transcribe it all.

​When you order transcription services, you expect top-notch quality. Unfortunately, many transcription agencies disregard this expectation and make heavy use of speech-recognition software without the necessary human oversight to shape its output into a quality transcript. We're different—we take pride in the precision of our transcripts and therefore make sure experienced human transcriptionists carefully approve every single transcript we deliver, whether they've created it from scratch or are fixing the imprecise transcription of a computer program. Our transcriptionists are specialized in many different areas and fields, allowing them to expertly tailor their work to fit your particular needs.

​We invite you to submit an order for transcription services today.

Our flexible transcription team is built to accommodate.

Oakland is a diverse city with diverse transcription needs—but we’ve built our transcription team with diversity in mind. We have a team ready to handle the specialized needs of top-level researchers, leading business owners, content creators on a time crunch, and many others. Our team is built to serve you, wherever you are in Oakland, California, or the entire US.

  • Do you study or research at the University of California at Berkeley, Mills College, or Lincoln University? Do you have recorded lectures, conferences, and group discussions you’d like professionally transcribed? Then turn to us—we hire transcriptionists who specialize in various academic disciplines, so technical jargon is no challenge for us.

  • Do you create content—whether YouTube videos, podcasts, or something else—in Oakland? Do you need closed captions to make your content more accessible? Then work with our transcriptionists, who can even add useful features like timestamps and speaker tags for free. Professional proofreading is also available as a paid extra.

  • Do you speak a language other than English, like many Oakland residents? Do you need transcription in your native language? Your content doesn’t have to be in English for us. We have a global team who works in a huge number of foreign languages, including Portuguese, Yoruba, and Haitian Creole. Translation services are also available upon special request, as are video subtitling services, in English and numerous other languages.

  • Do you work in the medical profession to keep the people of Oakland healthy and safe? Do you need professional transcripts in emergency medicine, neurology, dermatology, or another medical specialty? Allow us to introduce you to our medical transcription partners, who work with Oakland healthcare professionals from Downtown to Piedmont Avenue to produce the best medical transcripts in the industry.

  • Do you practice the law in Oakland? Do you require accurate transcripts of your depositions or other legal material? Our legal transcription partner firm can help. From criminal to real estate law, our partners provide Oakland’s best legal transcripts, with an unwavering guarantee of quality, accuracy, and privacy.

  • Are you anyone else in Oakland who requires top-notch transcription services? If you are, don’t hesitate to send us your audio files, video recordings, or handwritten content. Everyone deserves quality transcription services.

​Ordering transcription services is quick and simple—do it today!

Quality is our number one guarantee.

​For us, it’s not hard to consistently deliver top-quality transcripts. That’s because we’ve compiled a top team of the best transcriptionists in the industry, with years of experience supporting their work. Oakland’s 424,000+ residents—whether they’re in academia, business, medicine, law, content creation, or any other specialty—trust our expert transcriptionists to provide the tailored, specialized services they need at competitive rates, all under the timeframe you specify.

​Our transcription services are highly flexible and customizable. We can work with various file types, all kinds of content, and a wide range of dialects and accents. We can happily accommodate special requests into our transcription work. We can even add translation and proofreading services to our offering if desired. This is what makes us Oakland’s best.

​Don’t wait to purchase top-level transcription services.

Test the waters before diving in.

​There are many transcription services out there, and it’s hard to know which one is the best. We have no problem offering free samples to first-time clients so they can get a good idea of just how skilled our transcriptionists are.

There’s nothing to lose, so order a free sample today.

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