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Discover Mississauga’s Top Audio and Video Transcriptionists

100% professional transcription services for Mississauga residents

Here at, offering reliable, accurate transcription services of all kinds to the people of Mississauga is our mission. We’re flexible: do you have an audio recording, a video clip, or a handwritten document? We can handle them all! Are you looking for transcription in English or one of more than 500 foreign languages? We can work with them all. Whether you’re near the Art Gallery of Mississauga or Kariya Park, our transcriptionists are here to serve you.

What makes us better than most transcription agencies? Our unwavering dedication to quality, which results in our commitment to hire the foremost human transcriptionists to transcribe your clips. We stress the "human" part because many companies depend solely on speech-to-text software, sacrificing accuracy. We recognize the utility of this technology and may use it to aid us, but we value reliability and always assign a human transcriptionist with expertise in your field to handle your transcription order, whether that means producing it from scratch or carefully checking automated output.

If you want a quote for our transcription services, feel free to request one.

Find diverse transcription offerings with us.

Calling everyone who needs transcription in Mississauga, Ontario: our team can help you whether you’re in business, academia, the creative industry, or any other sector. We take care to hire transcriptionists with specializations in various areas, allowing us to offer tailored services to a wide range of clients.

  • Academic transcription: Do you study at the University of Toronto Mississauga? Our academic transcriptionists are passionate about helping scholars and researchers break new frontiers in diverse fields with tailored transcription services. No matter your field, we’ll be careful to assign your order to a transcriptionist familiar with your subject matter.

  • Creative transcription: Do you create content to inform or entertain Mississauga? We’d love to help you with our high-quality transcription services. If you want captions for your videos, we’d be happy to add them. Or, if you’d like special features like speaker identification and timestamps on your transcript, we’ll throw those in for free. Thanks to our in-house proofreaders, we can even ensure your transcript is ready for immediate publication.

  • Foreign-language transcription: Among Mississauga’s more than 700,000 inhabitants are countless immigrants who speak a plethora of foreign languages. We’re committed to catering to all of Mississauga, so if you speak one of the more than 500 languages we offer transcription services in, don’t hesitate to reach out. We can cater to speakers of German, Thai, Pashto, and much more. And we don’t just transcribe other languages—we can also add foreign-language subtitles to your videos.

  • Medical transcription: If you toil away to keep the city of Mississauga healthy, it’s important that you have access to high-quality medical transcription services. With healthcare workers from Port Credit to Mineola in mind, we’ve partnered with a leading medical transcription firm that offers transcription in emergency medicine, pathology, radiology, and many other specialties.

  • Legal transcription: Legal professionals from all over Mississauga are in need of a reliable legal transcription service that can work in various areas of the law. We want to bring you the best transcription services on the web, so we’ve partnered with a great legal transcription company who can cater to you and your needs.

  • If you want transcription for any reason, we’re confident our transcription team can help you. Just send your recordings or handwritten documents our way, and we’ll deliver quality transcripts.

Now’s the time to get started with professional transcription.

How are we different from other transcription agencies?

Our key differentiating factor is our dedication to quality, which leads us to rely entirely on human transcriptionists, who we carefully select from around the world. We use speech-to-text software only as a tool to help our professional transcriptionists, who work tirelessly to ensure quality in every single one of our transcripts. Our transcriptionists are highly experienced professionals capable of delivering quality in many different fields, allowing us to offer our flexible and wide-ranging services. Additionally, we staff a team of skilled translators to assist in foreign-language transcription jobs.

Mississauga is a big city with big transcription needs—but we’re up for the job. We’re here to serve all the business leaders, researchers, doctors, lawyers, and others, delivering unwavering quality at competitive rates. We boast a long track record of satisfied clients from across Mississauga, Ontario, and Canada, and we’d love to add you to the list.

Put our team to work now with a transcript order.

See what we’re made of—for free!

It’s okay to be cautious—after all, you want the highest quality for your project. We can show you just how skilled we are in a free sample. We’re confident you’ll want to work further with us after you see our work.

Message us now to request a free sample.

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