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Professional Subtitling Team for Burmese (Using SRT Files)

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Cultivate an abundance of new fans in Myanmar with Burmese subtitles.

English is the “universal language,” right? Certainly not in Myanmar! English may be widely spoken in some non-English countries, such as Germany or Sweden, but in most of the world, English proficiency is low, with only around 17% of people speaking the language. That means you can’t rely on English alone if you want to grow your audience for your content, whether it’s a TV show, movie, online video, documentary, or video game. Subtitles, however, give you the power to take your work further.

We at work with languages all around the world, carefully weaving your script into foreign-language subtitles for you to capture the hearts of viewers worldwide. One of the languages we’re proud to work with is Burmese, which offers you a unique opportunity to cater your content to an underserved audience of tens of millions. Our Burmese subtitling team takes care of almost everything, and all that’s left for you to do is embed the subtitles into your content—and since we deliver them in the form of SRT files, that’s pretty simple to do.

We’d love to provide a free quote for our Burmese subtitling services—just ask!

Here’s how far Burmese subtitling services can take you.

Burmese is the sole official language of Myanmar, a Southeast Asian country of incredible linguistic diversity. But not everyone in the country speaks Burmese, and several minority languages, including Mon, Karen, and Shan, are spoken by millions. Still, Myanmar is home to roughly 33 million native Burmese speakers, representing around two thirds of its population, and another 10 million people have learned the language. Further Burmese speakers can be found in the Chittagong Hill Tracts in Bangladesh, Tripura in India, Yunnan in China, and Mae Hong Son and Tak in Thailand.

This means Burmese subtitles open you up to a potential new audience of more than 40 million across Myanmar, Bangladesh, India, China, and Thailand. The secret of subtitles (or closed captions) is that they also allow you to cater to an overlooked demographic: those in the Burmese-speaking world living with hearing loss. Actually, there are many reasons any Burmese speaker may want to watch your video without audio (maybe they’re in public, for instance), and Burmese subtitles allow you to accommodate them as well.

A bit more info about Burmese, the national language of Myanmar

Myanmar’s linguistic diversity isn’t remarkable only in the number and vitality of its languages but also in their differences from one another, representing six separate language families. Shan, like Thai, comes from the Kra–Dai family, while Mon, like Vietnamese, is an Austroasiatic language. But Burmese isn’t related to either of these significant minority languages—it comes from the Sino–Tibetan family, meaning it’s related to Tibetan, Dzongkha (the national language of Bhutan), and—distantly—Mandarin.

Burmese’s basic word order is subject-object-verb, certainly diverging from Mandarin’s rigid subject-verb-object order. The language features nine noun cases, which are marked by suffixes. Burmese nouns accept a pluralization suffix, another stark difference from Mandarin, although the singular form is used when a number is specified (e.g., “five child” instead of “five children”). Burmese also features numerous verbal markers to indicate tense, aspect, mood, and more, although some markers, such as the past tense, may be omitted if the meaning is still obvious. Another important feature of Burmese is its politeness register, where speakers must use different pronouns depending on the status or age of the person they’re talking to, with men and women also using different versions of the formal pronouns. Tricky aspects like this make clear the need for professionals to craft your Burmese subtitles.

Make the most of the Burmese-speaking market with our professional Burmese subtitles.

Our Burmese subtitling experts come from all over Myanmar (and Bangladesh, India, China, and Thailand too), and they’re passionate about their native language. That’s why they work so hard to carefully translate the intricate nuances of your script into flowing Burmese and produce SRT subtitles. Whether you want to share a movie, TV drama, game, online video, or documentary with Burmese speakers, we have you covered.

What about content with esoteric terminology? Don’t worry—we have numerous subject-matter specialists on our team who can handle technical jargon in various fields. All you have to do is let us know which discipline you’re working with, and we’ll match you with a subtitler knowledgeable in your field!

Now’s your chance to capture a Burmese-speaking audience. Get started today by sending our team a message!

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